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Write-ups are canon stories not written by Deculture and posted at the ends of threads. Some are strongly connected to the main plot, but many develop other people and places within the setting and only occasionally cross over into the quest itself.

The first official write-up came after thread 86 and detailed Wendy Cooldown, Chiaki's forgotten acquaintance from the 8th Officio in California. The second, Prose Magica by Archivalfag, debuted shortly afterward in thread 88, with the story of Odette and the 17th Officio in Toronto. Subsequent writers contributed writeups afterward, but as of March 2015, these are not considered truly canon. There is also the quasi-writeup of “Syrakhanistan", found here and here, a hypothetical nation in the Middle East existing in the setting of MGNQ - but this has yet to be recognised or canonised.

Also relevant are the canon prequel, Magical Girl Noir Quest Gaiden - Forgotten Story, and the Non-canon Write-ups.

Wendy Cooldown[edit]

Wendy Cooldown and The Eighth[edit]

Write-up Name Posted Date Description Wiki Article Appearing Characters
Luck and a Smile
14 April 2013
Wendy meets the new Chiaki for the first time in a dream.
Wendy, Chiaki
29 April 2013
Wendy meets "Kong" for the first time.
Wendy, Annie, Mary, Kharn, Malal, Chiaki as "Kong"
12 May 2013
Wendy takes "Kong" out for burgers and a Baseball Game.
Wendy, Sabrina Blackburn, Chiaki as "Kong"
Sugar Donut
19 May 2013
Wendy takes Annie's sword to get it "fixed".
Wendy, Mary, Amber
Little Frilly Doll
21 May 2013
Wendy gets to meet Kharn with Annie May.
Wendy, Annie, Kharn
22 May 2013
Wendy and some of the Rabbits take out a Witch.
Wendy, Viola, Annie, Eve
23 May 2013
Wendy and "Kong" go for a night on the town, Murderface style. Things happen. Pancakes are made.
Wendy, Chiaki as "Kong", Charles, Mami
24 May 2013
Alpha Team does Game night.
Wendy, Mary, Annie, Amber
Movies-Excerpt from Sabrina Blackburn's Diary
27 May 2013
Sabrina and Malal have some time off.
Sabrina Blackburn, Malal, Lily
Squishy Pile:Excerpt from Sabrina Blackburns Diary
29 May 2013
Sabrina gets a Culexus suit and tries out her powers.
Sabrina Blackburn, Amber, Malal, Eightball
Blue Roses
3 June 2013
Wendy and "Kong" go on a time-stop date.
Wendy, Chiaki as "Kong", Mami, Lily
11 June 2013
Wendy and Nico go out and have "Fun".
Wendy, Nicole
Gardern of Sinners
16 June 2013
Wendy and the Springfields garden with Miss Marigold.
Wendy, Mary, Annie, Amber, Marigold, Lily, Dorothy
4 August 2013
A green-haired magical girl falls back into bad habits and hits the bar.
Walkie Talkie: Excerpt from Sub Zero Security Records
12 August 2013
Sabrina has a heart to heart with Mary Sue. Pre-suiting. Then she gets a visitor.
Sabrina Blackburn, Mary
Honest Feelings- Clip from Dorothy Wright's Video Diary
19 August 2013
Dorothy and Amber dress up Viola so she can go see everyone's favorite Blonde Goddess.
Dorothy, Viola, Amber
1 October 2013
Wendy visits a friend and has a bizarre encounter with a magical mask.
Wendy, Jade, Nicole
Blood and Cigarettes
5 October 2013
Wendy goes to a concert and gets to see Chiaki fuck shit up.
Wendy, Chiaki, Dorothy
Church Business
27 October 2013
Wendy has to make a sacrifice.
Wendy, Himiko, Aki
Stray Cat Taming
1 November 2013
Wendy sees what Mami is capable of.
Wendy, Mami
Raining Again
14 December 2013
Wendy finds out about a broken promise.
Wendy, Amber
31 December 2013
Wendy gets what she really wanted for Christmas.
Wendy, Chiaki as "Kong", Dorothy, Mary, Sabrina Blackburn, Amber, Nicole
Sayaka's Date: Sharp Blue Style
17 January 2014
Sayaka and Amber talk about important things in a less serious setting.
Sayaka, Amber
31 March 2014
Wendy gets cold feet composing an email to her favorite doujin author.
Wendy, Annie, Pinky
bad barbecue
21 June 2014
Wendy surveys the aftermath of the attack on the church, and, with Mami's help, is made ready to meet Chiaki face to face.
Wendy, Amber, Mami, Aki, Jade, Yulia, Shiraki
not a date
17 October 2014
Wendy finally meets her favorite doujin author face to face. Sort of.
Wendy, Uboa, Midori
1 May 2015
Midori wants to know what happened to Chiaki.
-Wendy- soft
Wendy, Jade, Midori

The Account of the Damned[edit]

Write-up Name Posted Date Description Wiki Article Appearing Characters
The Tale of Arturia Pendragon: A King Must Stand Alone Part 1
5 July 2013
We meet Arturia and Company, shortly after she walked in on her Warmaster and Kharn...
Arturia, Malal, Raleigh, Gertrud
The Account of the Damned: Four Hours
5 May 2014
The Templars prepare en-route to Walpurgisnacht.
Raleigh, Enyo, Vivian, Mordred
The Account of the Damned, ch. 2: Saws
15 August 2014
Raleigh deals with the reality of losing all her limbs.
Raleigh, Enyo, Cosette
The Account of the Damned, ch. 3: Shards of Red
26 January 2015
Raleigh pesters Arty, then looks to bolster the Templars' diminished ranks.
Raleigh, Enyo, Arturia

NECO Case Logs[edit]

Write-up Name Posted Date Description Wiki Article Appearing Characters
Case Log - 20XX (about three years ago) - Rabbit-Face
6 September 2013
Izumi, Sayaka
Case Log - 20XX (about two years ago) - Kharn
31 October 2013
Izumi, Malal, Kharn

20th Logs[edit]

Write-up Name Posted Date Description Wiki Article Appearing Characters
(20th Agent Log) Escape from Sex Gulag
17 November 2013
A callidus gets a game over and goes out for ice cream.
Satou, Rin
(20th Spymaster Log) Old Friends
27 January 2014
Two old friends discuss their jobs and possibilities.
"Severine", "Monique"
(20th Spymaster Log) Yatagarasu
19 October 2014
Two old friends discuss current events and possibilities.
Satou, Vintage

Iori Minase[edit]

Write-up Name Posted Date Description Wiki Article Appearing Characters
Iori and the Noose
6 April 2014
Iori, Ruri, Hatachikawa-P
Iori and the Sandwich
28 September 2014
Iori is told to dance to Ruri's tune like everyone else.
Maki Albrecht Wakahisa, Ruri Kirishima, Iori Minase


Prose Magica[edit]

Write-up Name Posted Date Description Wiki Article Appearing Characters
Prose Magica Part 1
29 April 2013
We meet Odette, Gertrude and Lotte while a Magical Girl gets kidnapped.
Odette, Gertrude, Heidi, Freida, Lotte
Prose Magica Part 2
5 May 2013
Odette heads back to base, meets Tyler and talks to Heidi.
Odette, Holly, Tyler, Heidi
Prose Magica Part 3
12 May 2013
Therese wakes up and gets briefed. Odette has an episode and writes poetry.
Therese, Tyler, Holly, Molly, Odette, Lotte
Prose Magica Part 4
19 May 2013
Odette searches for clues to Freida's disappearance and gets an odd message, Theresa makes a speech to Freida's squad.
Odette, Gertrude, Holly, Therese, Fredrica
Prose Magica Part 5
22 & 24 May 2013
Odette and Therese chat outside her apartment. Fredrica does some asking and fights with Tyler. Fubey talks with Holly and Odette finds something strange.
Odette, Therese, Fredrica, Fubey, Holly
Prose Magica Part 6
27 May 2013
Megan and Mona get sent to interrogate a man by Fubey, what they find out is disturbing.
Megan, Mona, Fubey
Prose Magica Part 7
4 June 2013
Odette wakes up with Lotte again, gets a call from Therese and has a chat. Lotte tells Therese something interesting.
Odette, Lotte, Therese, Megan, Mona, Fubey
Prose Magica Part 8
9 June 2013
Odette and Lotte examine a room, then hang with Megan and Mona. Odette cries.
Odette, Lotte, Megan, Mona
Prose Magica Part 9
16 June 2013
The girls bust down a club and discover their quarry has escaped.
Odette, Lotte, Megan, Mona, Therese
Prose Magica Part 10
23 June 2013
Odette and Mona reach Mona's house in time to find Fennel. Things don't go well.
Odette, Mona, Fennel
Prose Magica: Nightcall
17 July 2013
We meet Khan, expert driver and Culexus of the 17th as she drives Fredrica and Gertrude, then gets an order no one wants.
Khan, Gertrude, Fredrica, Molly, Mona
Prose Magica: A Spoonful of Sugar part 1
5 August 2013
We meet Dr. Emma Strauss and her "Helper" as well as a...customer.
Dr. Strauss, Milica, Ofelia
Prose Magica Part 11
8 August 2013
Therese rages, Molly talks to Fubey, Mona wakes up and talks to Meg, Lotte is up to something .
Therese, Tyler, Molly, Fubey, Mona, Meg, Lotte, Surrey
Prose Magica Part 12
2 September 2013
Lotte reminisces as Odette continues to be missing. Then she plots more.
Lotte, Harriet, The Bartender, Surrey
Prose Magica Part 13
5 October 2013
Odette beats up a surprisingly helpful girl.
Odette, Brie, Fennel, Holly
Prose Magica: A Spoonful of Sugar part 2
4 November 2013
A group of bounty hunters come to regret their choice of target.
Dr. Strauss, Milica, Jiang
Prose Magica Part 14
12 November 2013
Odette wakes in a friendly setting. Her warmaster has some troubling thoughts.
Odette, Lotte, The Bartender, The Russian, Fubey, Holly
Prose Magica: The Exile of Doctor Strauss part 1
29 November 2013
Emma Strauss tactfully handles her retirement.
Dr. Strauss, Thorne
Prose Magica Part 15
9 December 2013
A nightmare leaves Odette seeking comfort with her new roommate. Frederica gets promoted.
Odette, Lotte, Frederica
Prose Magica Part 16
10 January 2014
Odette sees a name she'd prefer to forget and pays visit to a prisoner.
Odette, Holly, Megan, Mona, Fennel, Xiaomei
Prose Magica Part 17
6 April 2014
Odette and Fubey meet with old friends, while sinister forces continue to brew in the background.
Odette, Xiaomei, Fubey, Kelzang, Heidi
Prose Magica Part 18
27 April 2014
Therese tends to the duties of being a Warmaster and Odette makes a proposition. As it turns out, some sins aren't so easily forgotten.
Odette, Therese, Fubey, Chloe, Fredrica, Lotte, Harriet, Holly
Prose Magica: The Exile of Doctor Strauss part 2
13 June 2014
Emma Strauss meets with an accomplice.
Dr. Strauss, Prime
Prose Magica Part 19
26 July 2014
The hooks must be destroyed.
Odette, Holly, Therese, Tyler, Fubey
Prose Magica Part 20
5 September 2014
Fubey and Odette come to an agreement. A villain is introduced.
Odette, Fubey, Prime, Tilly, Ingrid, Shion, Surrey
Prose Magica: A Serious House on Serious Earth
26 January 2015
Prime meets an acquaintance from the Church and discusses plans for the Seventeenth.
Prime, Eliphas
Prose Magica Part 21
1 February 2015
Mona nervously waits for a call. The Bartender humors a magician.
Mona, Meg, Odette, The Bartender, May, Lotte

Kingdom of Flies[edit]

Write-up Name Posted Date Description Wiki Article Appearing Characters
3 February 2014
Thorne wakes up after the Varrigan City Massacre and runs into one of the most dangerous magical girls in the world.
Thorne, Typhus
Into the Wolf's Den
16 June 2014
Thorne meets with an old acquaintance. Typhus has an adorable breakfast.
Thorne, Typhus, Gavrill
Red Sands of Paradise
9 August 2014
Gavrill returns to the Blood God's Arena and relives her last gladiator fight.
Gavrill, Kharn, Dr. Strauss, Thorne

Blood and Iron[edit]

Write-up Name Posted Date Description Wiki Article Appearing Characters
The Morticians Part 1
8 November 2014
The MS Pulchritudinous receives grim news.
Clare, Fabulous Billie, Joe, Fran, Nigel