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Before Magical Noir Quest[edit]

(yb = years before)

Est. Before human history began: Incubator presence; possibly prior to [[The Great Severing]]. Enlightening humanity, creating the first magical girls.
Est. 19th Century: First through Tenth Incubators arrive on Earth
Est. 1930 (“late Interwar Period”): Eleventh through Twentieth Incubators arrive on Earth
Est. 1945: Officio system established.
Unknown: [[Hazuki]] Amane becomes Warmaster of the First Officio. [[Haruka Amane]] is sent elsewhere.

9yb:    Xiaomei Baocun contracts to the Seventh
        Leman Russ contracts to the Sixth
7yb:	Kotarou Yuu contracts to the Seventh
        Odette Brighton and Harriet Blinde contract to the Seventeenth
6yb: 	Kotarou Yuu obtains the XIth Golden Weapon
	Tomoe Mami and *Kure Kirika contracts to the Ninth [2 months prior to Malal?]	
   	Kaneda Madoka (Malal) contracts to the Ninth [2/3 months prior to Malal Quest?]
	The Springfield sisters contract to the Eighth
	Wendy Cooldown contracts to the Eighth
	Ekaterina Valnikov (Kharn) contracts to the Ninth
	Malal undergoes Warmaster training in the Ninth
        Lotte Laufson, Therese Witton and Miranda Farewell contract to the Seventeenth
5yb:	Malal Quest 
        Doctor Emma Strauss is banished from the Thirteenth, Fran Madaraki takes up her position,       now 'Chief Director'
        Varrigan City cut off from the outside world
        First Maerorus discovered
	Amber Nakajima contracts to the Eighth
    	Sakura Kyoko contracts to the Ninth
        Miki Sayaka contracts to the Ninth [5 months after Malal Quest]
	Karasawa Enishi contracts to the Ninth
        Erebus is demoted from her position of High Marshal and excommunicated along with her followers 
        Raleigh Alondight becomes the High Marshal of Black Templars
4yb:	Eversor Kharn
	Rea Ashford contracts to the Ninth
3yb:	Kharn becomes Warmaster of the Ninth
        Brie Eldridge dies in battle, Odette Brighton becomes Warmaster of the Seventeenth, over half of the Seventeenth lost
Between 1945 and 2.5yb: The Ninth Incubator hatches a plan with “The Stranger”, later involving Malal.
2yb:	Mami Quest, Girl A (Murderface) is found
    	Kyuubey Quest, Chitose Yuma (Omegon) contracts to the Ninth
        Sayaka Quest
	Dahlia Marigold resigns as Warmaster of the Eighth and joins the Seventh, Mary Sue Springfield is the new Warmaster
        Miranda Farewell dies, Odette becomes increasingly unstable    
1.5yb:	Kharn Quest, the Third Officio is dissolved and absorbed into the Ninth [6 months after Girl A]
     	Ishikawa Kumatora contracts to the Ninth [6 months after Girl A]
        Forgotten Story
     	Large-scale Walpurgisnacht manifestation across 5 locations world-wide, Malal and all but one of the Ninth's Culexus die
     	Kharn abdicates her position as Warmaster of the Ninth, becomes Murderface's partner
	Mami takes up the vacant position as Warmaster-in-training in the Ninth
1yb:    Midori Hanegawa contracts to the Tenth       
        Wendy dies in battle with Nicole, later brought back by Pinky
0,5yb:  Kharn retires/exiled to the Ninth's R&D facilities in Siberia [6 months before MGNQ], leaving the Ninth without a leader. Odette Brighton demoted, Therese Witton becomes Warmaster of the Seventeenth [??? months before MGNQ]. Murderface/Girl A goes AWOL again, losing her memory.
0yb:	MGNQ begins


*This is sort of a retcon since in the Retirement Arc, Kirika is written to be 17 years old and three years into service in the dossier.