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Upon contracting, the Incubator would assign the fresh contractee her rank, whereupon her training, care and support would depend on. The ranks are as follows:

Eversors: Magical Girls specializing in close-quarters combat, or melee.
Vindicares: Magical Girls specializing in long-range combat.
Culexus: Magical Girls specializing in anti-magic countermeasures.
Callidus: Magical Girls specializing in stealth, subterfuge and espionage.

Two other ranks, Venenum and Vanus, were once part of the group, but had long since been eliminated, more for their limited combat capabilities than anything else. Those who fell into these ranks were put to work as medical staff and/or intelligence, and were kept from active field duty.[1]

While ranks are assigned the moment a magical girl is created, they are not permanent. There are sub ranks within the tpyes, such as Neophyte and Rank Leader, the latter typically have special denotations within different Officios, such as Rank Prima. It is possible to change ranks, as seen by Kharn Valnikov who started out as Vindicare and switched to Eversor before becoming Warmaster. Due to the different approaches to combat and other situations, tension between the different ranks are commonplace.


Eversors have physical properties that benefit their close range combat style. This includes enhanced strength, dexterity, stamina and in some cases regeneration. Some Eversors claim their physiology burns a lot of energy and makes them eat a lot, others contend that this is only an excuse to be a glutton. Personality wise Eversors are described as jumpy maniacs waving sharp sticks. While this might be a prejudice acountable to the different attitudes within the ranks, the description holds true for most. Eversors are mentioned to be the best at eliminating large groups of targets by simply walking into a room and turning it into a charnel house.

Noteworthy Eversors
Kyoko Sakura
Sayaka Miki
Kharn Valnikov


Vindicare prefer to keep as much distance to their targets as possible. Ideally they are not spotted at all even after their job is done. This completely different approach causes rivalries between the Vindicare and Eversors, the latter often calling the long range fighters cowards. Vindicare on the other hand consider themself superior to the stick waving barbarians, appearing rather uppity. In addition to their ability to kill from afar, Vindicare are capable scouts and rear guards, acting as backup to their comrades. While not directly confirmed, it is assumed that pure magic users who hurl lightning or similar spells are also considered Vindicare.

Noteworthy Vindicare
Chiaki Matsuda
Mami Tomoe
Rea Ashford


Experts of stealth and espionage, Callidus are often underestimated when compared to the combat expert ranks, but make for capable assassins nontheless. They usually possess illusion and mind affecting magic, as well as surveillance and analysis abilities. By practice, Callidus are taught to disown their costumes, causing their transformations to be very understated if not outright indistinguishable from their untransformed state. Lately Callidus are harder to come by than they used to be.

Noteworthy Callidus
Midori Hanegawa
Enishi Karasawa
Wendy Cooldown


The wishes that create Culexus are very specific and remain a well kept secret. Not much is known about the Culexus outside the Ninth Officio, but they are a reclusive group due to the fact that their anti-magic aura makes people around them feel uncomfortable, if not outright sick. When their power reaches a certain level, usually at the end of their training, the Culexus wear the Animus Speculum nearly all day. This suit suppresses their anti-magic and allows the wearer to channel their power into more focused auras, energy blasts and energy shields. While it reduces the overall potency an unsuited Culexus would have, it allows for more precise control and keeps them from burning out much faster. Aside from their aura, the Culexus abilities include telepathy on their own frequency, a direct connection to their Incubator and the power to alter the human mind. Another powerful Culexus ability is prognostication, the Ninth Officio makes use of this to predict witch events more accurate than most others can. Other than these abilities Culexus can learn other useful magics like fixing broken objects. Other tricks that might appear like magic rely on wits and quickness, like eating by detaching the air filter plate leading to the mouth and reattaching it before the suit depressurizes.
The Animus Speculum, an invention of Kyubey, is a reference to the Warhammer 40k Culexus Assassins equipment, it's design based on Akira Kazama from Rival Schools. It is a form fitting black leather suit with padding in key areas and spikes in key impact areas. The helm is customized to fit the head perfectly, a skull embellished on the front. The integrated Vox speaker twists the voice into an electronic voice devoid of emotion. There is a ratchet dial on the back of the helmet to regulate the Limiter Field that suppresses the Culexus aura. Most functions of the suit, including communication and aura regulation, are controlled via eye movement tracked by the helmet's HUD. It possesses several visual and auditive sensors, one of them a heat sensitive night vision mode.
There is a persistent, but false rumour telling that if a Culexus removes her helmet, all her power will be released at once in a huge blast, killing her in the process. Evidence suggests that the incubators themselves are the source of this rumour.

Noteworthy Culexus
Alpharius, the collective identity of Kyubey's Culexus


Masters of poison and medicine, the rank is largely unused due to it's limited combat capabilities. Often they provide medical services within Officios, usually being found only in sickbays or the like.

Noteworthy Venenum
Emma Strauss
Fran Madaraki


Experts in technical and inteligence tasks, the rank is largely unused for the same reason as the Venenum. Some Vanus still remain, although they are few in number.

Noteworthy Vanus
Haruka Amane
Holly Corbin
Molly Corbin
Eleanor Slam


While it is a full rank, Warmaster is more of a title than a type classification. The rank of Warmaster is given only to the strongest, deadliest magical girl in an Officio. They are second only to their Incubator and serve as his right hand and proxy, commanding everyone under their own rank. They take on the most dangerous missions with far reaching consequences and have just about their Officios entire resources at their disposal. A Warmaster is typically trained in more combat techniques than their original rank encompasses to be able to adapt to any situaton. A Warmasters duties also include administrative tasks such as assigning selected missions to suitable subordinates, passing judgement on felonies within their rows and keeping up relations with other Officios.

Noteworthy Warmasters
Kharn Valnikov (retired)
Chiaki Matsuda
Ahriman (deceased)
Mary Sue Springfield


Similar to the Warmaster, this is also a title rather than a classification and does not change a magical girl's Rank itself. The Equerry stands above all other magical girls except for the Warmaster and her personal aides. She can fight at her Warmaster's side, advise her and take her place during absence. While generally a martial rank instead of a servant, as the Warmaster's right hand the Equerry usually takes care of everything the Warmaster can or does not want to do herself so she can focus on being Warmaster. This often includes paperwork and logistics tasks as well as making sure the Warmaster is put into the best light possible.

Noteworthy Equerries
Malal (deceased)
Erebus (deceased)
Sayaka Miki


Created by Emma Strauss through a series of cruel experiments, the Maerorus were to be the perfect fusion of a witch's strength and a magical girl's mind. She eventually succeeded by grafting witch flesh onto Ekaterina Valnikov's body and soul gem, giving her sharp flesh metal limbs and making her the first known Maerorus. Once altered this way, the process is impossible to undo. It is now known that there were many attempts at creating a Maerorus before Kharn, ranging in strength from nearly-human to those even more powerful than Kharn. These Maerorus were last known to reside in the remnants of Varrigan City.

Noteworthy Maerorus
Kharn Valnikov