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"Because I GET TO KILL YOU MYSELF!" The sudden scream rocks you back on your heels, and it echoes inside your mind like a screeching wail. "YOU DON'T GET TO DIE, NOT THAT EASILY, WITHOUT BEING REMINDED OF YOUR MISTAKES!"

Also Known As... Pinky, The Blessed Lady, Madoka
First Appearance Thread 2
Organization None
Rank God
Occupation Witch
Ability Unknown, Omnipresence, Time Stop
Weapon Rose Bow
Height 153cm
Date of Birth Unknown

Faust, is the antagonist and main villain of Magical Girl Noir Quest. A hallucination or perhaps the deranged dreams of sickly girls... Magical Girls who recount seeing a girl with pink hair and black eyes are usually found dead days later. Incubators theorize that Faust is actually a Witch that retains her sanity and has transcended beyond mortal powers to become something akin to a Concept or God. They are right.