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"'m not a goddamn Sasquatch."

Odette Brighton
Odette square.png
Also Known As... The Winter Warmaster
First Appearance Prose Magica 1
Organization Seventeenth Officio
Rank Eversor, Warmaster
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Ice, Speed
Weapon Dual spears
Height 152cm
Date of Birth December 3 (currently 19)

Character Summary[edit]

Odette Brighton is the Warmaster of the Seventeenth Officio. She was Warmaster for three years before her rude demeanour and tendency to provoke other magical girls got the best of her, finally culminating in a bloody conflict that led to her demotion. Some time following this, Odette has once again become Warmaster.

Physical Description[edit]

  • She has short, silvery-white hair and blue eyes.
  • Wears a distinctive eye-patch decorated with a silver valknut.
  • Usually wears a plain white t-shirt and black jacket with a pair of jeans in public.
  • Her Soul Gem is a spherical blue orb that takes the place of her left eye.


  • Odette is generally fairly quiet.
  • When dealing with strangers, Odette is usually professional and diplomatic, a relic of her older days.
  • Over the course of Prose Magica, she has mellowed out considerably compared to the majority of her time as Warmaster.

Character History[edit]

Pre-Prose Magica[edit]

Odette was contracted approximately seven years before the events of Magical Girl Noir Quest. After two years, she took on the position of Eversor rank leader and formally began Warmaster training soon after. During this time, she was present in Varrigan City, providing bodyguard services for Fran Madaraki during the events leading up to the coup which removed Emma Strauss from power. Upon the death of the first Warmaster, Brie Eldridge, two years later, Odette was formally instated as the Seventeenth Officio's Warmaster.

Approximately one year into her tenure as Warmaster, an incident occurred in which the current Vindicare rank leader was killed by Charlotte Laufson, the Callidus rank at the time. This incident cause a dramatic shift in Odette's personality. The young Warmaster cut her hair and refrained from wearing her cap, as well as flaunting her authority more openly and attempting to goad other magical girls into sparring with her. Despite this, a small following formed amongst the older girls in the Officio, who admired her administrative talent and "forward" approach to diplomacy.

Three years into her term as Warmaster, she was challenged by the Vindicare Tyler Argente, a close friend of the then-Eversor rank leader, Therese Witton. Although Argente would lose the ensuing battle, she managed to score a single shot on Odette's eye. This fight would prove to be the straw that broke the incubator's back, resulting in Odette's dismissal as Warmaster and the loss of her eye. Odette would then spend two months in a self-imposed exile before life decided it had other plans for her.

The Winter Warmaster Returns[edit]

The first arc of Prose Magica. (Incomplete)

The Coldest Night[edit]

The second arc of Prose Magica. Currently in-progress.

After Prose Magica[edit]

In thread 234, Chiaki Matsuda receives a letter apparently from Warmaster Odette Brighton. This suggests that Odette has once again become Warmaster some time prior to Chiaki's ratification.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Odette Brighton
	"Want a cookie? Hold on, I think I've got some maple candies here, too...”
OFFICIO: Seventeenth, in Canada
RANK: Eversor Rank Leader, Warmaster-in-Training
BIO: Recruited two years ago, Odette was one of the first initiates of the Seventeenth under the Officio system. She became a quick favorite of Warmaster Brie Eldridge and rose through the ranks with ease. Recently, she started her Warmaster training, after becoming the Eversor rank leader. Odette always tries her best to be polite and well-mannered - as expected of Canada!
ABILITY: Humanoid snowcone machine-slash-christmas miracle? She makes blizzards and turns into a snowman. 

-Odette a bad habit of accidentally calling the Seventeenth's Warmaster 'mom'. I wanna laugh, but I knew someone who still does that with teachers and stuff.

-She has really creepy friends! Some Culexus in a cape or something and some blonde stalker. I'm starting to think Canada's just as bad as the US...

-No matter how many sweets she eats, she purportedly never gets fat. I bet that's what her wish was. Or, wait. Do they even have a bikini season there...?


-She supposedly has a younger sister somewhere...I wonder if she'd have ice cream magic.


  • Odette's name and appearance are based on the Norse god Odin.
  • She usually drives Sleepy Sue, a modified SdKfz 234/2, more commonly known as the 'Puma' armoured car.
  • Odette enjoys writing poetry in her spare time.
  • She has a profound love of all things sweet.
  • She has a 16 year-old little sister named Vida. All of the tall and boobs genes apparently went to her.