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“What I can tell you is that the golden toys are important. They really really are, so you shouldn't throw them away! It's ideal if you collect as many of them, actually!" -Faust

The golden weapons are powerful tools that grant their wielders access to even greater might than the chosen ones already possess by bestowing them with unparalleled clarity and focus in combat, assuming one can control them. They were created by the good side of Madoka and filled with most of her power, but she tricked Faust into believing they were her idea to turn whoever manages to gather them all into a worthwhile challenger. While the Blessed Lady only hands them to chosen magical girls, it is possible for regular humans to use the golden weapons if they can somehow acquire them. As tools of the Blessed Lady, the weapons can corrupt their wielders with her influence and make them fall prey to her madness, which makes them as dangerous as they are useful. A sign of this happening is the user's eyes taking on a black color. In some cases they also drain soul gem purity at a faster than normal rate, further increasing the risk of using them unprepared.

The weapons seem to have a will of their own, calling their wielders to use them, even making them reach out for the weapon unconsciously. Depending on the weapon's “state of mind”, they may feel unusually warm or cold to the touch, regardless of the surrounding temperature. If the original wielder dies, her soul remains trapped inside. A skilled user can communicate with it but needs to be cautious to prevent being manipulated. Once the wielder establishes contact with the weapon's soul, they can communicate on a mental level. The soul might even manifest as a ghost by consuming a bit of the wielder's energy. Using the connection to tap the weapon's power deep enough makes a tongue of colored flame dance in front of the user's left eye.

Chemical analysis of the material reveals that they are identical to their non-golden counterparts down to the last molecule and can be disassembled and reassembled easily. The only difference is their color and the fact that they mysteriously perform their purpose better than a regular weapon. They hit harder, reload faster and never jam or lose sharpness.

There are twenty golden weapons in total. Each one has a roman number engraved on it.

Numbered Weapons[edit]


Desert Eagle
Current Owner: Chiaki Matsuda
Original Owner: Homura Akemi?
First Appearance: Thread 5
Given to Chiaki Matsuda by Faust as a freebie to help her in a way she would appreciate, because dying that early would "spoil the ending". Chiaki is shot with the gun before waking from an illusion cast on her, moments before the gun manifests in her hand in place of an Ingram MAC-10.

A Desert Eagle made entirely of gold, the emblem on the bottom was removed by Kirika Kure, revealing the roman number VIII upon inspection. Chiaki constantly feels the allure of this gun while carrying it, as if it wants to be used. When she does, she enters a state of intense focus but risks losing ontrol of herself. Her eyes turn entirely black while this happens, her vision clouded in a bloody mist.
Chiaki eventually managed to connect with the spirits inside, who manifested as aspects of herself. She named them Braids, Dildos, and Murderface. After Braids was kidnapped by the other 2 stooges, the fourth one made herself known and offered her aid. She has been nicknamed Smartass. In spite of Pinky making Chiaki promise not to speak with them, she has continued to rely on their help.


Ogre Arms
Current Owner: Chiaki Matsuda
Original Owner: Yuu Kotarou
First Appearance: Thread 16
Acquired after defeating Lance Kilgore, who took them from Yuu Kotarou.

Golden bangles that look like average jewelery. They change shape depending on the current wearer.
While Kilgore wears them, they are massive bracers bearing the image of eagles with the wings sculpted into the metal. They transform into golden gauntlets with the ability to create fire.
When Chiaki wears them, they are elegant bangles. They transform into massive robotic gauntlets nearly her own size, reaching almost up to her shoulder, painted black with the gold shining through scratches and dents. The gauntlets' mechanical parts repair themselves during combat.
Due to Yuu's gentle nature, she bonds easily with Chiaki and has proven herself to be a valuable ally instead of a potential risk when using one of the golden weapons.


The Hanged Man
Meat Hooks
Current Owner: In storage
Original Owner: Fennel Vance
First Appearance: Prose Magica 10

A set of arm sized golden hooks, four in total, connected by golden chains. They are either thrown or magically moved, directed by the users hands. The hooks can easily pierce walls and bodies alike.
Thus far, no spirit seems to be inhabiting the hooks.


The Devil
Chain Axe
Blood God, Gorefather & Gorechild
Current Owner: Chiaki Matsuda
Original Owner: Kharn Valnikov
First Appearance: Thread 54
Blood God was willingly passed on to Chiaki when she was made Warmaster of the Ninth Officio.

The twin chainaxes Gorefather and Gorechild, the former being a bit bigger, can combine into one double headed chainaxe, which is refered to as Blood God Mode. Even apart they are already very huge, bearing three rows of chain teeth.
The spirit inhabiting Gorefather and Gorechild is Risa, who is playful in her desire to kill, and aims for the 'high score' of killing as many strong magical girls as she can.


Current Owner: Chiaki Matsuda
Original Owner: Kirika Kure
First Appearance: Thread 8
Acquired after retiring Kirika Kure.

A one meter long katana, complete with an elaborate sheath made from ebony embossed with golden reliefs of dragons. The blade doesn't dull no matter what and is sharp enough to cut through other swords easily.
Due to Kirika's own madness and her hatred for Chiaki, merely touching Muramasa fills her with a dangerously strong bloodthirst, making her lose sight of her surroundings and who is friend and foe. She has seemingly mellowed out since then.

Unknown Numbers[edit]


Current Owner: Presumably Hazuki
Original Owner: Mami Tomoe
First Appearance: Thread 26

An old fashioned one shot musket with elegant patterns engraved along it's length. It uses soul gems as ammunition.
In a flashback episode it is implied that Mami Tomoe has acquired and used a golden weapon, but used it only once. Her eyes changed color as well, but the effects were attributed to witch exposure at the time. During that same episode she unconsciously manifests a golden musket, but tosses it away unsued, afraid of the unusual gun. She manifests another one when the witch Charlotte is about to kill her, but is saved by Sayaka before firing.


Hequin Staff
Current Owner: Chiaki Matsuda
Original Owner: Ahriman
Current inhabitant: Yuma
First Appearance: Thread 50

A golden hequin staff topped with a snake head, fangs bared to strike. It appears to amplify it's users magic powers, boosting them to extreme measures. Ahriman used it in her fight against Kharn, never letting go of it until it was forcefully removed from her grasp.


Twin Scythes
Nebiros and Belial
Current Owner: Presumably Annie May 'Alice' Springfield
Original Owner: Annie May 'Alice' Springfield
First Appearance: Thread 80; writeup garden of sinners

A pair of large golden scythes wielded by Alice Springfield; actual capabilities as of yet unknown.


Twin Revolvers
Current Owner: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown
First Appearance: Thread 80


Current Owner: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown
First Appearance: Thread 80


Current Owner: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown
First Appearance: Thread 80


Current Owner: Chiaki Matsuda
Original Owner: Nicole Touchdown
First Appearance: writeup butterfly

A golden visor with a butterfly motif that enhances the user's senses, but makes them bleed profusely from old wounds. Full capabilities as of yet unknown.


Current Owner: Hazuki
Original Owner: Unknown; likely the Stranger, or possibly even The Transcendent One.
First Appearance: Thread 269

The Shield of Akemi Homura, the Shieldmaiden - now in a wonderful golden variant! Capable of full, possibly unlimited time-stop; can produce a golden light that erases enemies from inside it. Full capabilities as of yet unknown. Last seen being used to annihilate Mami Tomoe.