Milica Djalic

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"Vhat have we talked about?"

"D-d-don't e-eat so-souls..."

Milica Djalic
Also Known As... Red Hands
First Appearance Prose Magica: A Spoonful of Sugar 1
Organization None, former Officio unknown
Rank Eversor
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Regeneration, Frequent use of combat stimulants
Weapon Monster Maul
Height 150cm
Date of Birth Unknown (Estimated age 15-17)

Character Summary[edit]

Milica Djalic is an enigmatic drug addict, currently used by Emma Strauss as a human guinea pig on which to test her various creations.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Milica is short and appears to be fairly young.
  • Her hair is long, messy and coloured dark green.
  • Her magical girl costume is nothing more than a simple white sundress.
  • Due to an unexplained quirk, her hands and arms constantly appear to be soaked in fresh blood while in costume.


  • Strauss describes Milica as only "a bit on the slow side", rather than outright stupid.
  • Milica seems to see Strauss as something of a parental figure.
  • She speaks with a noticeable stammer.
  • In combat, Milica appears more animal than human - often screaming unintelligibly and jumping from target to target.

Character History[edit]

Pre-A Spoonful of Sugar[edit]

Very little is known of Milica's past prior to meeting Doctor Strauss. In fact, the only thing known for sure is that at some point she became addicted to the Doctor's hyperdelirient. Because of this, she arrived on the Doctor's doorstep at an unknown point in the past, offering herself in exchange for a supply of the drug.

A Spoonful of Sugar[edit]

Milica is initially shown chained to the wall of Strauss' basement at an undetermined point prior to Magical Girl Noir Quest. There, the Doctor tests an early iteration of the Mark V combat stimulant on her, which appears to cause intense pain and anger. This is done by submerging her soulgem in a beaker of the fluid, rather than traditional injection. Upon the conclusion of the test, Milica's soulgem is removed and placed in a second beaker, filled with Strauss' hyperdelirient. This places Milica in a trance-like state of euphoria.

In the second chapter of A Spoonful of Sugar, Milica is shown in combat for the first time. She single-handedly annihilates a squad of six Vindicares while under the effects of the Mark V. Milica also successfully completes other objectives designed to test how much control she has over her own actions. In this chapter, Milica and the Doctor appear to have a relation much closer to a mother and daughter, rather than doctor and patient.


  • Milica's appearance bears a resemblance to Saya from the visual novel Saya no Uta.