Raleigh Alondight

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Raleigh Alondight
Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 203
Organization Second Officio
Rank High Marshal of the Black Templars, Chariot of the First Knight
Occupation Magical Girl
Date of Birth (currently 18)

Character Summary[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

  • Raleigh has unruly blonde hair.
  • She is of short build.
  • She has wheels for feet and cold, clawed hands.


  • She giggles a lot, giving off a creepy impression.


  • Raleigh is based on Chariot from Black Rock Shooter.

Character History[edit]


In the combined effort of several Officio's to counter the threat of Walpurgisnacht, the Black Templars cooperate with the Ninth. Enyo and High Marshal Raleigh Alondight meet Malal in the assembly hall and are soon joined by Yuma. After introductions, the Marshals head outside to gather their troops.

Back inside, they witness Yuma telling her Rank Leader about something she did, who starts to punch her hard until the a group of Templars pulls them apart. Malal claims that Yuma doomed them all and departs to try and fix whatever she can.

On the way to the facility, Alondight tries to cheer Yuma up. The Culexus gives her a vague explanation of her circumstances, but Alondight refuses to accept it as a reason to give up, claiming that they she will not pity Yuma and that they will carve their own fate. Realizing that there is still something she can do, Yuma's fighting spirit is relighted. Satisfied, the Black Templar hands her a badge and declares Yuma to be this missions Emperor's Chosen, an important role for the Templars.

Inside the teleportation facility, the Culexus rank is preparing. Cavefish greets the new arrivals and leads Yuma to the armory. Meanwhile, the Templars stare at one in particular and Raleigh explains that one girl, Sayaka, looks just like the First Knight they worship. She claims it as a sign of good fortune and victory.

The troops gather in the center of the room and wait for the transport to commence. At their arrival, they realize that they were scattered across a battlefield. During the two hour fight, many are killed by the daemons. Eventually Yuma contacts Alondight, who leads the remaining forces to her position and explains her plan to turn the tide.

They will exploit Kharn's desire for battle by distracting her with a frontal assault while another Templar, Mordred Pendragon, will sneak up behind her under the cover of Culexus magic and launch her powerful Sword of Promised Victory to defeat the witch.

Mordred blames Yuma for their situation and tries to attack her, but Cavefish lifts her up and gives the rude Templar a thorough spanking, which the other Templars agree to as a discipline measure they should have thought of themselves.

As one of Kharn's daemons attacks, the Templars begin their fight and Yuma, Cavefish and Mordred head towards their designated position. Eventually, they begin their assault on Kharn, but can't defeat her. Kharn turns toward Mordred's group and attacks, but is stopped by Cavefish and Yuma by shields and powerful anti-magic.

They fall however and Mordred turns tail, only the appearance of Malal, armed with a powerful magical bow, brings the Warmaster's witch down and miraculously transforming her back into human form.

The surviving Black Templars search the area and find Cavefish dead, but Yuma is still alive. Raleigh sustained injuries and is treated in a quickly built temporary hospital.


  • Raleigh is based on Chariot from Black Rock Shooter.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Raleigh Alondight
	"You're the one sneaking around, then? You should have just asked to stay for a bit, place could use a bit of sunshine right n…in general.”
OFFICIO: Second, in the United Kingdom
RANK: High Marshal of the Black Templars, Aide to the High Inquisitor
BIO: The Chariot of the First Knight and one of the major pillars that holds the Second together, along with the High Inquisitor, the King, and the Devil. Among those, she ranks roughly third, and is the highest-ranking puella not to come from one of the Second’s special abbeys in several decades. She’s mostly known for her good humor, a rare trait in the Second, and for her determination to turn a dark and spooky organization of stuffy nobles and witch hunters into a bright, noble band of idealistic knights. While it’s a goal she shares with High Inquisitor von Egisheim and King Pendragon, results so far have been mixed.
ABILITY: Omni-competence – the power to immediately and expertly understand any weapon or piece of equipment she comes in contact with, then put it to use near-peerlessly. Also comes with her own magical battle tank, Black Maria (note to self: investigate rumors that it fires pastries). 
WEAPONRY: A heavy broadsword, Alondight, and a wheel from her personal heavy tank-cum-weapons platform that she uses as a shield; also her big, bladed wheels. Has been known to pick up rocks, steel pipes, or whatever else to deadly effect.

	SPEED		 Fast+
	MELEE 		 S+*

*almost entirely equipment-dependent

-She has like a fetish for macarons or something. The easiest way to get into the Second and poke around is to bribe her with them – although according to her, they don’t have anything to hide anyway. Which is just more suspicious, right?

-It’s pretty rare in the Second for someone that isn’t descended from a ‘noble’ bloodline to become as accomplished and revered as Alondight. Like, they do background checks and genealogies. But supposedly she made one of those wishes that destines someone for greatness, if they can make it through the first few months…

-When our field agent (okay it’s pretty much me) got a chance to investigate and interview her personally,  she went home with an autographed picture and some kinda chalky macarons. 

-They came with her magical girl costume and she…rolled with it.