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This article is a stub, due to the character not properly appearing in the story.

The Thirteenth Incubator. Not much is known about them, save for what can be inferred from their brief appearance in a canon write-up, and the kind of Officio they run.

He wears thick-rimmed glasses, a tiny necktie, and has a curled up tuft of hair between his ears. He speaks in British accent, quite expressively and gives off a wibe of over-enthusiasm, not going far for a superlative, and using many excalamation marks.


  • Nigel only appears in Blood and Iron, where he announces the change in the Thirteenth's command.
  • Considering he only acted against his Warmaster in the wake of events in Malal's Flashback, it could be assumed that he did not particularly mind her inhuman practices, until they started hurting him and his Officio's image.