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"Chiaki Matsuda...? That kinda sounds stylish. A bit too cute for you, but hell, you've called yourself worse before. Other people have called you worse before.."

Chiaki Matsuda
Profile-Chiaki Matsuda.png
Also Known As... Girl A, Murderface, Homura-chan, Kong, Nameless One, NAMELESS DILDO, Ol' Noodles
First Appearance Thread 1
Organization Ninth Officio
Rank Vindicare, Warmaster
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Time Stop
Weapon Shield, Firearms, Golden Desert Eagle
Height 160cm
Date of Birth Unknown (currently about 17-18 years old)

Chiaki Matsuda, is the protagonist and main narrator of Magical Girl Noir Quest. A Magical Girl with drinking problems, she starts her adventure with a pack of cigarettes, some painkillers, a combat knife, a ruined "Shield-thing" and no recollection of who she is or what she's been doing. After deciding on a new name for herself, she goes to meet up with Mami Tomoe, and things get complicated.

Character Summary[edit]

An amnesiac of unknown origin, she was found gravely wounded and on the verge of death inside of a Witch's Barrier two years ago and rescued by Mami Tomoe. An engima to everyone, including herself, no Incubator would recognize having formed her Contract. How she became a Magical Girl remains unknown. She reluctantly works with the Ninth Officio, run by Kyubey, and is considered a valuable, if volatile, asset due to her powerful time-stopping ability and constantly relapsing amnesia. In the span of those two years of service for the Ninth Officio Assassinorium, she became the most notorious Magical Girl in the world, more famous and recognizable than Kharn Valnikov ever was. The details of this time, though ingrained into everyone else, are vague at best to her. However, despite the haze of unreliable memories, there is one memory that she always retains: she cannot forget having her heart ripped out by a pink haired girl with black eyes - a girl that plagues her nightmares.

Physical Description[edit]

  • A japanese girl of average height. She appears to be in her late teens, though her actual age is unknown.
  • She has a deathly pale complexion, with black hair and violet eyes.
  • She has dark bags under her eyes and looks constantly exhausted. Some would say 'haunted'.
  • Her eyes briefly turned black with a violet pupil after undergoing special treatment in Siberia.
  • Her eyes are now violet with a bright red pupil.
  • As Girl A, she had long hair kept in two thick braids.
  • As Murderface, and later Chiaki, she kept her hair short. She currently wears it in a long ponytail.
  • She's rather slim and has been described as "noodly".
  • Almost always seen in her Magical Girl costume. She wears thick, red-framed glasses.
  • Her Soul Gem is diamond shaped and held on the back of her right hand.
  • Beneath her costume, her body is covered in hideous scars.


  • Chiaki is characterized primarily by self-loathing.
  • She is very cynical and has a dry sense of humor.
  • Although it is implied that she had problems keeping collateral damage and casualties under control in the past, she currently takes her job very seriously.
  • She has a no-nonsense personality and little in the way of patience, but has shown immense restraint so long as it involves a mission.
  • Chiaki has little to no tact and a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.
  • She used to be extremely abrasive, but has been slowly getting better.

Character History[edit]

Chiaki Matsuda (Thread 1 - 42)[edit]

What do you call yourself?

An amnesiac Magical Girl wakes up to find that she fell asleep in her costume again. She thinks back on how this used to matter at one point and realizes that she doesn't even care anymore. She's tired, feels like shit, and has forgotten her own name for the second time in a week.

She decides to call herself Chiaki Matsuda.

After messing around with her cellphone for a bit, Chiaki agrees to meet with Mami Tomoe at her apartment to pick up her newest assignment. However, she arrives there to find that a newly gestated Witch has taken Mami by surprise. A small altercation with Sayaka Miki occurs after which Chiaki disposes of the Witch with ease, but not before the Witch murmurs a strange name at her: Homura.

Deciding that she'd rather not put up with Sayaka glaring at her, Chiaki steps out for a breath of fresh air and ends up at her favorite bar - a rundown old joint without a name and commonly referred to by the name of its owner: Charle's Bar. Kyouko Sakura shows up and they have a small conversation while Chiaki reads up on her newest assignment - playing bodyguard for Iori Minase, age 16, a popular idol. In the middle of their conversation, Chiaki begins to hallucinate and Kyouko is replaced by the pink haired girl with black eyes from Chiaki's recurring nightmares. The hallucination accuses Chiaki of being a fake and tells her that she will probably die during her upcoming mission. Chiaki retorts by telling the hallucination that she's dead; Chiaki shot her in the face before she ripped her heart out. The pink haired hallucination is amused by this and tortures Chiaki briefly before reality returns. Kyouko informs Chiaki that she was screaming about The Flesh of Fallen Angels. Feeling disturbed by this, Chiaki leaves in a foul mood and heads off to her mission, leaving Kyouko behind.

Chiaki glares at a security mook

Chiaki arrives at the hotel where Iori Minase is staying and has yet another argument, this time with the security detail already on site. Security is unusually scarce, which irritates Chiaki to the point for slamming one of the guards against the elevator doors. After physically humiliating a man twice her size, the security detail agrees to call in another team and tighten security across the hotel.

Satisfied with this, Chiaki moves to the principal's room and knocks, but receives no answer. Worried that the room might already be compromised, she shoves the door open just in time to see Iori Minase stepping out of the bathroom. The young idol is displeased at this and orders for her guards to kick Chiaki out. Miraculously, Chiaki manages to maintain her composure and introduces herself properly as Iori's additional security. Iori is unimpressed and orders her to take a bath because she stinks. Feeling increasingly annoyed at the idol's imperious attitude, Chiaki refuses while stating that she's here to protect Iori from rapists, not to make her comfortable. Iori, however, insists that Chiaki should at least brush her teeth, at which point the older girl relents.

After brushing her teeth and struggling with the decision of whether or not to steal Iori's discarded panties, Chiaki steps outside and does her best to comfort Iori's worries concerning the need for extra security. Iori is afraid that she might be raped like Yayoi Takatsuki was, but Chiaki calms her fears with some deadpan humor. The moment is interrupted when one of the guards knocks on the door and announces that Yayoi is there to visit Iori. The idol confirms that they had talked about visiting each other one last time before her trip to America, and asks for Chiaki to please let her friend in. Chiaki agrees to Iori's request and, after making sure that everything is in order outside, drags Yayoi into the room forcefully and proceeds to pat her down, searching for weapons. Appalled at Chiaki's treatment of her friend, Iori slaps the older girl and screams at her for being a brute as she takes Yayoi towards the bed. Infuriated, she orders Chiaki to get out of the room.

Chiaki, however, refuses and once again states that she's there to protect her, not to make her comfortable. Iori replies that she pities Chiaki and that if the paycheck is all she cares about then she can stay until morning, when she'll be calling Kyubey to have her replaced by another agent. Feeling slightly annoyed and relieved, Chiaki asks for a headset from one of the guards standing outside and listens in on their communications to certify that everything is in order. Focusing on the room once again, she notices that Iori and Yayoi are getting busy under the bedsheets and she tries to give them as much privacy as possible by standing at the door. Once they're finished, Chiaki sends Mami a text message asking for advice on how to patch things up with Iori.

Feeling tired and sleepy, and not wanting to wake up her client, Chiaki stops time to go grab a coffee. However, the moment that her power takes effect, she notices the pink-haired hallucination standing in the middle of the room, beckoning her to come closer. Chiaki immediately cancels her time-stop, no longer feeling sleepy. Seating herself on her chair once again, she receives a text message with the words: "Wake up."

Girl A (Thread 43 - 54)[edit]

Fragmented (Thread 55 - 83)[edit]

Warmaster (Thread 84 - Onwards)[edit]

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: ‘Murderface’ Matsuda Chiaki
        “-Fill in later-“
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Warmaster, Badass
BIO: Formerly the mysterious Girl A and the victim of numerous bouts of explosive amnesia, Murderface Matsuda is to the gloomy streets of Mitakihara what something something fill in with metaphor later.
ABILITY: Time stop, indomitable liver, a serious case of the grumps? [Dress this up later]
WEAPONRY: Signature weapon is a golden desert eagle, though it’s something she picked up just recently, isn’t it? [look into this more, golden desert eagle doesn’t fit her practical style. Amnesia-induced?]
        STRENGTH         C? [She’s a little noodly, so…]
        SPEED            ? [Timestop makes speed potentially infinity, base value unsure]
        MELEE            B? [She’s pretty small, isn’t she?]
        RANGED           S (SS?) [She’s a Vindicare Warmaster]
        MAGIC            SS [Timestop is inherently pretty SS]
        TACTICS          S? [Gokigenyou, motherfuckers!]
        CHARM            D? [Seems like she’s gotten better again lately]
[Need to observe more, whatever she was up to in Siberia it was a BFD]
-Hiiii Murderface! We need to have a chat later nya~
-Murderface Matsuda is an ass man, and has a loyal sexcretary she keeps at her side at (almost) all times.
-She sort of has that dangerous trenchcoats-and-rain hero feel to her, right? We at Magical Girls Are Real take the official stance that she has lots of trouble with dames. But, the troubled type is sort of sexy…


  • Chiaki's Soul Gem and Shield are on her right hand and arm, the opposite of Homura. Thread 1
  • She thinks Iron Man is much more awesome than Captain America, despite not finding the alcoholism very attractive. Thread 1
  • Chiaki has five contacts on her cellphone: Kaname Madoka Sakura Kyoko Tomoe Mami QB and [???] Thread 1
  • Her Shield has a tendency to provide strangely shaped guns that have prayer strips attached everywhere. Thread 1
  • Chiaki has a bad track record at keeping VIPs alive. Thread 1
  • Chiaki "solved" a nasty problem for Charles involving some Yakuza starting a gunfight in his bar. Thread 2
  • It is implied by the choices in this scene that Kyouko set Chiaki on fire at some point in the past. Thread 2
  • Chiaki avoids introducing herself as a Magical Girl because they're still mostly an urban legend. Thread 3
  • Chiaki suddenly remembers how at one time seeing others cry would reduce her to tears as well, but things have changed since then Thread 3
  • Chiaki has a low opinion of idols considering them to be "vapid, hypersexualized pop icons that exemplify everything that is wrong with today's society" Thread 4
  • Chiaki sleeps on a futon rather than a western style bed Thread 4
  • Despite popular artist depiction, Chiaki does not have Homura's characteristic black hair band according to Deculture.


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