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"Ah, but I'm the sneaky, scheming idol, right? You should be careful about me, you know, Chiaki-chan. I could turn on you right this instant, and you'd be helpless."

Ruri Kirishima
Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 105
Organization 2020 Productions
Occupation Idol
Date of Birth August 31

Character Summary[edit]

Ruri Kirishima is the most successful idol in the world. She sings her own songs, music and lyrics written by herself, and stars in commercials, shows and even Hollywood movies. All her songs are said to speak to the heart, some of them seemingly tailored towards magical girls.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Ruri has very long bluish green hair, typically tied into twin tails, and shiny blue eyes.
  • Her idol gestures are perfect enough to give the impression of stars and sparkles appearing out of nowhere.


  • Ruri shows a bright and cheerful personality whenever she is in public.
  • She knows exactly how to play her part as an idol and how to drag people into her pace.
  • Her insight and manipulation skills are top notch.

Character History[edit]

Ruri began singing as a child and entered pageants and competitions early on. She got into the idol business with a group of around 70 members, called The Sugar Angels, but only Ruri really stood out and became successful. In the beginning, Ruri used to be an S idol and held the top spot for a while, but didn't like it very much and changed her image to her current, friendlier persona. She became the flagship idol of 2020 Productions and earned a reputation around the world. In between albums Ruri gives as many concerts as possible. Once a dead body looking like her was discovered during one of her concerts in Santa Destroy, but the girl was quickly identified by her family and the matter forgotten.


Ruri Kirishima hires the Ninth Officio for additional security during her stay in Mitakihara and the final concert of her world tour. She specifically requests Warmaster Chiaki Matsuda “to have a good time”. Throughout the mission, Ruri keeps fooling around with Chiaki, playing tricks and teasing the magical girl.

Ruri manipulates the lottery for a special fan to accompany her to the concert and the days before during a 24 hour livestream, trying to make sure Chiaki wins. The Warmaster hands the winning ticket to her companion Sayaka, refusing to play along. Ruri is disappointed, but keeps playing her games nonetheless. She claims to love magical girls and wants to learn more about the most notorious one, see how she reacts but still make her have some fun.

She hired the M-idol Noriko as her personal assistant and treats her as a lowly servant, making her play along with her schemes and forcing the girl to stay in a box when she messes up.

Ruri was chosen to play the part of Miracle Midori in the upcoming anime adaption of the popular manga. Iori Minase was chosen for the role of Murder Mayumi, and Ruri uses this opportunity to play around with her, teasing the smaller idol, allegedly to cheer her up after what she has been through recently.

In the evening, a group of Yakuza, led by Mine Yoshitaka , make their way inside the hotel despite the security forces outside. They try to recruit Ruri for the Tojo group, but the idol refuses, as she did before, and angrily demands that they leave immediately. Due to Chiaki's presence and her threats, they comply and Ruri fights down a panic attack cause by the stressful encounter.

Ruri tries to convince Chiaki to join her in the upcoming events and to perform with her on stage, but the Warmaster stubbornly refuses. The idol does manage to convince Sayaka however.

At night, Ruri tries to convince Chiaki to sleep in her bed, but the magical girl refuses her offer, insisting that her guard duty does not allow her to sleep in the first place.

The next day, Chiaki calls for a final security meeting for the concert. Ruri is happy to be allowed in, usually security forces don't let their client listen in. She assures to follow Chiaki's and Sayaka's instructions to the letter during the event.


On the way to the concert, Ruri's convoy encounters a headless corpse on the road. Sayaka convinces Chiaki to avoid an obvious trap, but the Warmaster leaves some men to guard the area and orders an investigation from the Officio. Ruri is unusually quiet during this event, but assures that she just feels silly wishing for action when they find it in this way.

Inside the stadium, Chiaki informs Ruri that the Yakuza are present, but Ruri simply complains about their stubbornness this time.

After the opening number, a death metal song featuring Mappi and a dressed up Kyosuke, Ruri and Iori perform the Magical Midori opening song. Ruri originally wanted Chiaki to perform with her, but Iori volunteered since the magical girl was expected to refuse in the first place.

During the concert, a group of magical girls place suicide bombers in the stadium and demand that Chiaki faces their leader Lucius in combat in front of everyone to see. While Chiaki fights, Ruri keeps performing to make the battle appear as part of the show.

During a break, a few songs after Chiaki's victory, Ruri tells her how happy she is with the crowd's reaction and asks her about the gauntlets she used. When asked how she can be so calm when she was in danger minutes ago, Ruri explains that idols are almost always in danger with people trying to go after them.

After the concert, Ruri's agency decides to cut her time in Mitakihara short and relocate her to a safer place the next day.

Ruri invites Chiaki to her bed again, but the magical girl is only willing to compromise as far as to sleeping on a comforter next to her bed. They talk about magical girls and romance, and how it does not work in reality.

The next morning, Chiaki, Sayaka and Enishi accompany Ruri to the airport. They say their goodbyes and Enishi hands over a present from her sister Vintage. The super idol finally leaves without any further incident.


  • Ruri's appearance is based on Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.
  • Her first album is called “The Magical Girl's Only Wish”.
  • Ruri is one of the characters that cause players the greatest amounts of paranoia.
  • Ruri is the rival of the current top selling S idol Mappi, but considers her stupid.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Kirishima Ruri
        “Okay, reporter gal, make sure you capture my good side. Shouldn’t be hard, right~?”
NICK: Ruri-Ruri
STUDIO: 2020 Productions
RANK: #1 Superidol
TYPE: Cool
IMAGE SONGS: Wonderful Hero, give me the moon
BIO:  The pinnacle of idol-dom according to 2020 Productions, Ruri-Ruri has her run of the celebrity life in Japan. She has a reputation for being almost inhumanly perfect, and despite her flippant appearance, she works hard to maintain it. According to rumor, she was discovered playing piano in a small, smoky bar. It’s kind of romantic, right?
        BODY TYPE               Sexy
        PERSONALITY             Tease
        CHARM                   S+
        VOCALS                  S+
        DANCE                   S+
        VISUAL                  S+
-Ruri first debuted as an S-idol, known for her light touch and her sweet, teasing attitude. Not much has changed – she just sings more now. Scary!
-She’s been known to have more than a passing interest in military matters and equipment, one more thing she and her rival Mappi-chan share.
-She’s cited American jazz greats as her biggest musical inspirations, with the likes of Sammy Davis, Jr. and Frank Sinatra at the forefront.
-They’re real.