Iori Minase

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"C-Chiaki-san..." Iori is mumbling, cheeks burning. "S-s-so...daring..."

Iori Minase
Also Known As... Iorin, lori, who?
First Appearance Thread 3
Organization 765 Productions
Occupation Idol
Height 153cm
Date of Birth May 5

Character Summary[edit]

An Idol of 765 Productions and former client of QB Heavy Industries with a crush on Chiaki Matsuda.

Physical Description[edit]

  • A japanese girl with a small, delicate figure.
  • She has hip-length brown hair and eyes of the same color.
  • As an idol Iori always wears decent clothes and proper styling.


  • Iori appears confident, stern and professional in public.
  • In private she is easily flustered and kind of naive.
  • Very affectionate to her friends.
  • She shows great concern for the well being of herself and others.
  • Surprisingly shy and easily intimidated in unfamiliar environments.

Character History[edit]

Iori Minase[edit]

765 Productions enlists Ciaki Matsuda as a bodyguard for Iori. She dislikes Chiaki and gets really mad at how the magical girl treats her friend Yayoi. During the night a group of armed men enters the hotel room and tries to have their way with the idol while Chiaki is under the influence of an illusion spell. But the bodyguard manages to dispel it, kills the men without hesitation and shoots the legs off of their magical girl accomplice.

Chiaki helps the traumatized Iori wash the blood off until Mami arrives to take over and gives the idol her contact info before leaving.


After the events at the hotel, Iori is supposed to lay low and requests to stay at Chiaki's apartment. She clings to Chiaki in her sleep and expresses concern about her work when awake. While Chiaki is away, Iori spends time with Kyoko and Mami until the blonde girl is kidnapped. Worried about everyone, she accompanies Kyoko to find Chiaki heavily injured after her mission and realizes just how dangerous her life as a magical girl is.

Recuperation & Maid to Kill[edit]

Iori hires Chiaki as a bodyguard to accompany her to a gala. She outfits the magical girl with a maid uniform and has her pretend being a servant during the event. She meets Lance Kilgore and talks to Garcia Lovelace until the former starts murdering people. Chiaki opens a path for her to escape and Iori follows Garcia and his maid outside.


After the gala, Iori stays at the Lovelace residence. She calls Chiaki and overhears her fooling around with another girl, which hurts the idol a lot. When they meet again, Iori is still mad and has Garcia talk for her instead. Chiaki informs her that she will be away on a trip for a while and she should stay at the Lovelace residence.

Return & Warmaster[edit]

When Iori hears that Chiaki returned from her trip, she tries to call her a lot, and late at night she finally calls back. They talk a little about how Iori has been while Chiaki was away and her plans for the near future. They also and plan on meeting for coffee soon.

During their meeting, Iori tells Chiaki about Ruri Kirishima, the upcoming concert and how the super idol threatened to steal the magical girl away. Chiaki uses this opportunity to tell Iori once again that she doesn't want to be more than friends, right in front of her idol friends in the coffee shop.

Iori takes it hard, crying over her unrequited love, but makes up her mind that being friends with Chiaki is still better than loosing her completely. Before leaving, Chiaki explains that it was always herself who never had a chance of this relationship working out.


Iori is hired as a voice actor for an upcoming anime adaption of the popular Miracle Midori x Murder Mayumi manga. Ruri Kirishima, who plays the main character, has her over in her hotel suite to practice as part of her promotional livestream program. Chiaki is present as Ruri's bodyguard. Iori tries her best to ignore things around her, still being uncomfortable about what happened the day before.

She soon leaves for dance practice for Ruri's upcoming concert. When the others arrive at the concert hall, Iori talks to Chiaki on the phone to avoid the gazes of the other idols. She apologizes for making a scene and for expecting too much and too soon. Chiaki walks over to her, ignoring the stares, and the two of them agree to being friends despite their awkward history.

Iori accompanies Chiaki to meet Kyoko in the entrance area, happy to see the red head again, and meets a disguised Midori.


At the concert, Iori volunteers to play the part of Murder Mayumi for a part of the program, in place of Chiaki since the magical girl would surely refuse to follow Ruri's whims. Chiaki is worried, but lets Iori do her job and hands the idol a pack of cigarettes to make the costume more accurate.

During the concert, Chiaki fights a group of hostile magical girls. Ruri makes it look like part of the show and manages to keep Iori focused despite her worry for her friend. After the fight, Iori hugs her, relieved that she is safe, and runs off embarrassed. She safely returns to her production agency after the concert.


  • Iori is based on Iori Minase from The iDOLM@STER.
  • Her name and appearance remain unchanged. Her personality remains mostly unchanged as well with just a few tweaks.
  • Iori used to be an S idol and held the top spot for a while until changing her image.
  • It has become tradition to forget about Iori, or to pretend and ask “literally who?” when talking about the idol. Misspelling her name “lori” is part of this.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Minase Iori
            “Another bottom-feeder? Well, I suppose I’ll allow you the honor of asking a question or two.”
NICK: The Little Devil Idol
STUDIO: 765 Productions
RANK: #1 Princess
TYPE: Cute
IMAGE SONGS: DIAMOND, The Memories We Share
BIO:  The youngest child of an old zaibatsu family, Minase Iori is a popular princess-type idol with a prissy streak a mile wide. She’s known in particular for being difficult to handle, but has a natural grace and a perfect tsundere personality. In the past few months, she’s been forced to endure a number of terrible misfortunes, and has lost a lot of the light that endears her to her fans…
        BODY TYPE               Petite
        PERSONALITY             Bratty
        CHARM                   C*
        VOCALS                  B
        DANCE                   A
        VISUAL                  S+
-While Minase Iori has a loyal fanbase in Japan as well as internationally, there’s a small, vocal set of people that despise her for reasons nobody can quite understand.
-Formerly an S-idol, Minase Iori gravitated toward regular idol production as 765 PRO was edged out of specialty idol competitions by other companies.
-She’s become enchanted with a certain magical murderer lately, and will be voicing her in the upcoming Miracle Midori x Murder Mayumi OVA. Is this wish fulfillment, or a vain attempt to understand her True Love’s feelings!?
-Iori has a beloved stuffed bunny who goes by many names, rarely kept far from her even if it isn’t in her arms. Certain intrepid reporters believe it may harbor her alternate personality…
*seems to vary greatly from person to person