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"Incubators are neither fat nor thin and do not require organic sustenance. This is simply the figure which nature has seen fit to bestow upon me."

Also Known As... FB
First Appearance Prose Magica 5
Organization Seventeenth Officio
Rank Incubator
Occupation Incubator
Ability Fat
Weapon Moustache
Height 1.5 Incubators
Date of Birth Big Bang?

Character Summary[edit]

Fubey is the Incubator of the Seventeenth Officio. He differs from other incubators in that he is polite and respectful to his magical girls. The iconic ear-tails sported by incubators instead extend from his cheeks resembling a moustache. Fubey's rather portly figure tips the scales (and probably the planet, too) at what is probably the first case of incubator obesity. He is quick to dismiss accusations of gluttony and sloth with the incubator equivalent excuse of "it's genetics". He prefers to ride a roomba around the office with no shortage of pride.

Physical Description[edit]

  • He has white fur and red eyes typical of an incubator
  • He is large and round, not unlike a large clear bag of milk with a face and appendages
  • Has a prehensile moustache


  • Makes it a point to be polite, respectful, and generally more Canadian
  • Sensitive (as much as an incubator can be) about his weight
  • Shown to care deeply for his contractees, especially Odette

Character History[edit]

Pre-Prose Magica[edit]

The Winter Warmaster Returns[edit]

The first arc of Prose Magica. (Incomplete)

The Coldest Night[edit]

The second arc of Prose Magica. Currently in-progress.

After Prose Magica[edit]


  • Likely too fat to walk. He has only been shown to roll himself onto his roomba. There's a small spiral staircase leading up to his desk, but it isn't specified if there's an automatic electronic lift installed in it. He has jumped up onto a hospital bed, though not without considerable struggle.
  • Possibly fond of Timbits
  • Can extend his moustache appendages like that one scene in Space Jam where Michael goes for a dunk from the 3 point line.