Charlotte Laufson

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Charlotte Laufson
Also Known As... Lotte, Shirley
First Appearance Prose Magica 1
Organization Seventeenth Officio
Rank Callidus, Ex-Rank Leader
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Height 172cm
Date of Birth September 20 (currently 19)

Character Summary[edit]

Charlotte Laufson is the former Callidus Rank Leader of the Seventeenth Officio. She held the position for approximately four and a half years before resigning upon Odette's demotion.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Lotte is the typical ideal of a tall, buxom blonde.
  • Her hair is long and straight, framing her green eyes.
  • Her costume is a black latex bodysuit with white fur lining each opening.


  • Lotte is usually playful and teasing.
  • She tends to get restless when away from Odette and reacts violently to those who try to get between them.

Character History[edit]

Pre-Prose Magica[edit]

Lotte was contracted approximately six years before the events of Magical Girl Noir Quest. After one and a half years, she was promoted to Callidus rank leader under the then-Warmaster Brie Eldridge. Some time during this period, her relationship with Odette gradually became more intimate.

One year into Odette's term as Warmaster, Lotte's disagreements with the Vindicare rank leader, Miranda Farewell, became too much for the other rank leaders to bear. A fight was arranged between the two, resulting in Miranda's accidental death. It would take some time for the Callidus to admit that their constant quarrels were little more than a competition for Odette's affections. Despite sharing a physical relationship with the Warmaster, Lotte could not bring herself to try and escalate to something more romantic.

The Winter Warmaster Returns[edit]

The first arc of Prose Magica. (Incomplete)

The Coldest Night[edit]

The second arc of Prose Magica. Currently in-progress.


  • Lotte's character is based on the Norse god Loki.
  • She is a talented singer, often performing at Harrison's bar in exchange for free drinks. She prefers slower songs.


Art by Archivalfag[edit]