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A read-aloud project recently started by Hebiko from whim, which rapidly expanded into a small team (Studio Dickbutt) of MGNQ fans collaborating to create the videos on Youtube. This project has since become officially sanctioned and directly supported by Deculture himself. The team's roster is always subject to change as we continue to grow and expand.

Update: Unfortunately this project has been put on hiatus until further notice. This is due to a multitude of issues with the team and personal/schedule/motivational issues. I'll keep this page updated if things change in the future.

Banner image by Deculture


Team Leads[edit]

  • Hebiko - The president and founder of Studio Dickbutt, primary video editor and frequent narrator
  • Blarg - Producer / Team Manager / Voice Actor
  • Pls.Respond - Voice Actor
  • Deculture - Official Mascot and Cheerleader

Assistant Team Leads[edit]

  • Vok - Voice Actor
  • Minty

Main Team[edit]

  • AirtightTrash - Voice Actor and Main Artist
  • Skeyerage - Voice Actor
  • Dimunsis - Lead Idol

Idol Training in Progress[edit]

  • Attarou


  • Ratman - Backup VA

Recent News[edit]

  • (11/29/14) - Just to keep people updated, Thread 1 Redo and Thread 6 are slowly coming along. Most of the content has been put together for T1 Redo, though we've run into issues with who is voicing Sayaka. If you believe you are capable of voicing a good Sayaka, drop us a line. Thread 6 on the other hand will require more time. Please remain patient with us!
  • (12/21/14) - Team structure redone.


Main Channel

Thread 1 (PILOT)
Thread 2 (PILOT)
Thread 3
Thread 4
Thread 5