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"Now, this isn't the way I would have handled it, Kharn, but you're the Warmaster here. What say we do this by the book for a change, eh?"

Also Known As... Madoka Kaneda
First Appearance Thread 43
Organization Ninth Officio
Rank Culexus Rank Leader
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Anti-Magic Aura
Weapon Combat Knife, Crowbar, Animus Speculum, Rose Bow
Height 153 cm
Date of Birth October 3 (would be 21-22 years old)

Character Summary[edit]

Malal was the Culexus Rank Leader and Equerry as well as a friend to the Warmaster of the Ninth Officio Assassinorum during Valnikov Kharn's reign, serving as the reasonable balance to her superiors lazyness and bloodthirst. She was also friends with Chiaki Matsuda during the latter's days as Murderface. Her true identity, this world's Madoka Kaneda, is kept secret, only known to a select few individuals. Kyubey considers Malal as both his greatest triumph and his biggest failure as an Incubator and prefers not to speak about her.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Malal always wears her Culexus hard suit around others, so not much is known about her appearance.
  • She has short pink hair and crimson eyes.


  • Malal is your typical delinquent turned serious, putting up a professional front until provoked.
  • She remains mostly calm and polite but is prone to swearing.
  • According to Kharn, Malal has never been seriously angry.
  • She hates wasting time. This often leads to bad cases of road rage.
  • Malal dislikes the concept of honor, more people die from it than are saved.

Character History[edit]

Before her contract, Madoka Kaneda was a delinquent and later a runner for small time Yakuza in Mitakihara. She became an enforcer after killing a magical girl sent to take out her boss. Ever since her early childhood she had clear dreams abot her future. For a while they were haunted by a winged girl with black hair in a black cocktail dress who told her she would die for a pointless reason.

Kaneda flipped her off and decided to form a contract with Kyubey to do what she needs to and to write down what needs to be done after her death. Due to her earlier dreams she knew exactly how she had to form her wish to get what she needed. She never saw the girl again and her dreams were replaced by perfectly clear visions of the future she must prevent and how to do it, including her death.

She was a friend and teacher to Sayaka, but never revealed her secret after becoming the Culexus Malal. During her time of service, she delivered the most accurate preognostications of all Culexus, even accurately predicting time and location of the appearance of the witch Charlotte, as well as the fact that somebody would be found inside.

Faust approached Malal once, but the Culexus forced her to retreat, telling her to stay away from Murderface. Faust offered her a golden weapon, but Malal declined. She kept her suit active whenever she was close to Murderface to prevent Faust from making contact, making the goddess angry enough to put a plan in motion that eventually killed her.

Kharn Flashback[edit]

As Kharn's Equerry, Malal takes care of everyday business and paperwork. She accompanies her Warmaster to an interrogation of Girl A, who killed three allied squads during a joint mission. Kharn listens to her report and decides to give her a new identity and take her as a personal subordinate.

During the meeting with the Third Warmaster, Malal tries to stay reasonable, but agrees with Kharn that Ahriman's demands are outrageous. Kharn decides to purge the Officio and together with Murderface they kill the hundred magical girls present. Erebus keeps them from attacking Ahriman directly until she is taken care of, but the Warmaster is empowered by her golden weapon and the blood sacrifice by then.

While Kharn takes care of Erebus on another floor, Malal faces Ahriman's magic while protecting Murderface, but is eventually defeated and rendered unconscious.

Midori & Miracle Midori[edit]

Malal exists inside Chiaki's barrier for unknown reasons. She meets Mirai and convinces her to join the search for Chiaki's fragments. They encounter the Armored Fragment but have to retreat and meet Midori, who already gathered two other fragments. Together they face the armored fragment again and Midori manages to calm t down and convince her to join their cause and even drives off Kharn, who refused to talk to Malal and set her ablaze.

When they encounter the fourth fragment, Midori is killed by the first attack. Malal and the others face the fragment's servants until one fragment defeats the leader and Midori miraculously manifests again to reunite all of them before disappearing again. Mirai asks Malal to use her soul gem to save her friend and the Culexus forces her way to the Blessed Lady and Midori to demand the exchange.


In a flashback taking place on Christmas one year prior to the quest starting point, Kyoko plans a Secret Santa event and Christmas dinner, but the Officio's leading members cancel it in favor of preparing for the appearance of Walpurgisnacht one month later.

Malal knows that Kyoko took Omegon with her to buy gifts and tells her subordinate to buy pineapple salad as her gift. She is later irritated by the reindeer suit the red head made Omegon wear, but still happily accepts her gift, sharing it with the others.


Malal left a package for Chiaki with Kharn, containing the former Warmaster's skull servitor and a note telling her she will need it and to hand it to Yuma for fixing. A bit of rummaging through the contents of the box reveals an envelope containing a photo and a pink, nearly red, ribbon. The photo is of a pink haired girl in a familiar magical girl costume, showing a forced smile and sideways V sign, taken with her mobile phone camera. The backside reads “Nobody must know my secret. Kaneda Madoka”, a photo of herself apparently.

Malal Flashback[edit]

The rookie Ekaterina Valnikov was kidnapped and declared dead, but Malal refuses to accept it and sets out to save her, supported by Xiaomei Baocun from the Seventh Officio. She heads to Varrigan City to meet a local contact, meets her friend Nicole Touchdown and saves Enyo Karasawa from a local biker gang on the way.

Malal trades samples of her blood for Ekaterina's location from Fran Madaraki, who also explains what her Warmaster has done to the girl and tells her to ask Souji for help once she finds Ekaterina. Fran then heads back to her Officio's flagship to oust Warmaster Strauss while Malal makes her way to where the girl is kept as a test subject.

She convinces Souji that she wants to help Ekaterina and escapes the Blood God's Arena with the unconscious girl and the young scientist. They encounter Strauss and one of her experiments on the way to the docks where the Thirteenth Officio's flagship waits as their evacuation unit, offered by the new Chief Director Madaraki.

Malal destroys the experiment with her magic bow and encounters an apparition of a black haired girl with wings that haunted her dreams in the past and tells her how she will die from her bad decisions. Malal ignores her and continues to the docks, picked up by Madaraki's hired bodyguard Odette on the way.

Madaraki treats Ekaterina on the flagship, and while the berserk devices are removed, the alterations to her body and Soul Gem are permanent. Malal can't restore her personality and has to piece something together from the few scraps that are left after the torture.


Months before Walpurgisnacht, Malal is one of the prognosticators predicting the time and location of the world destroying witch's emergence. Her prediction is the most accurate.

Three days before the event, she finds Kharn and Murderface outside, nearly killed by an unknown group. The assault caused Murderface's mind to destabilize and Kharn to nearly witch out. Malal drags them back to the Officio and arranges for the attack to be kept secret to prevent morale from dropping.

On the day of Walpurgisnacht, Malal orders Yuma to check up on Girl A, as the Culexus call Murderface, and to check Silent Room Regalia, alone. She also has her relay a message to Cavefish to have Protocol 8 initialized. Meanwhile, Malal takes care of the Spymaster of the Twentieth Officio, who poses as Kharn for the time being.

Soon, Yuma calls Malal to ask what happened to Girl A, suspecting that she is responsible. The Rank Leader explains that Girl A and Kharn were attacked and that she actually stopped the girl's mind from collapsing entirely, blaming it on the influence of Walpurgisnacht or a trauma from the attack. Meanwhile Kharn is in a state close to both death and witching out.

Two hours later, Malal calls Yuma to ask about her progress, who replies that Kharn's status remains unchanged. She calls her to the assembly hall to continue preparations for the mission.

Yuma arrives late and gets scolded before being introduced to the Black Templars Enyo Karasawa and Raleigh Alondight. In private, Malal explains that she called in some favors to get the Templars to cooperate and that they will do their best to keep Yuma safe during the operation. The Ninth Officio will need her since things will get worse in times to come.

Yuma is upset that Malal accepts that nearly all Culexus will die during this mission, but the Rank Leader explains that she only does so because it is the only way for the plan she worked on for years will work, painful as it is.

The troops of Black Templars line up and Malal tells Yuma to lead them to the teleportation facility where the Culexus are waiting. However Yuma decides that she must tell Malal the truth about what she did. Furious about the betrayal and it's consequences, Malal punches Yuma hard until the Templars pull the apart. The Rank Leader claims that Yuma has doomed them all and departs to salvage whatever she can.

Shortly before the teleportation sequence starts, Yuma sends a telepathic message to ask about Malal's whereabouts and is answered by a panicked message that Kharn is gone, followed by screams of pain and death that spread out to all other Culexus.

Later, Malal arrives on the battlefield the other troops fought for hours. She wields her bow and fires a single arrow at Kharn's witch, returning her back to human form. The unconscious Yuma wakes up to the Rank Leader's voice threatening to kick her awake if necessary. They joke about Malal's strange getup before she explains just a bit of her plan and how she miscalculated that Yuma would act just like herself.

During their short conversation, Malal transforms into a darker version of herself with razor sharp teeth and black wings. Yuma begs to know how she can help Malal's plan, who tells her to look out for Girl A.


  • As this worlds Madoka, her character design is based on Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • She always carries a tablet pc with her.
  • Kharn had Malal install a kill counter in her helmet to keep track of her Warmasters records, but had it removed again as her own count was always higher, causing arguments between them.
  • Malal promised Ekaterina Valnikov's mother to take care of her child when she was dying, hinting that she brought her into the Officio.
  • Malal received an invitation to join the First Officio, but turned it down.
  • She once refered to Kharn as something you just let happen, like being bitten by a dog.

NECO Profile[edit]


NAME: Malal
	"This isn’t a place for nosy kids. Go home before you get hurt.”
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Rank Leader Malal
BIO: A superpowered Callidus that joined the Ninth Officio recently. The circumstances surrounding her arrival are kind of sketchy, and nobody really seems to know where she came from. I heard she started pushing her own agenda from the moment she showed up, though…but maybe it’s for the best? Agendas don’t always have to be creepy and evil, right?
ABILITY: Standard Culexus ability – anti-magic – although Malal is super strong, even for a Culexus.
WEAPONRY: A crowbar and a special suit.
	MELEE 		 A+(?)
	RANGED		 A(?)
	MAGIC 		 SS(?)
	CHARM		 D(?)

-To be honest I have a lot of questions about this one. It’s hard to catch her in action, though.

-It’s really suspicious, the way she swings that crowbar around. She’s pretty much some kind of gangster, right?

-She designed that special suit herself…So she’s a science officer, too? Where did she come from? The moon?

"...huh, there's a pretty big typo in this. can't remember if this was an accident or i didn't know the difference..." -NECO


NAME: Malal
	"This isn't a recorded interview, is it?"
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Equerry of the Ninth, Rank Leader Malal
BIO: An enigmatic magical girl that seemed to appear out of nowhere about three years ago. She’s become a guiding force for the Ninth, with her tactical mind, technical expertise, and snappy wit. One could argue she’s the REAL leader of the Ninth, with Valnikov Kharn acting as a figurehead.
ABILITY: Standard Culexus ability – anti-magic – although Malal is extremely powerful, even for a Culexus.
WEAPONRY: A crowbar…and a tablet.
	MAGIC 		 SSS(?)
	CHARM		 D(?)

- No one has ever seen her eat or drink, but food disappears around her when people aren't looking!

- Every other Culexus takes the name Alpharius or Omegon. 'Malal' is actually indicative of rank, as opposed to a name.

- Rank Leader Malal's tears can cure cancer. unfortunately, she's never cried.


Artwork by Nicehatguy[edit]