Xiaomei Baocun

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"I not doing this for health, you know! Xiaomei Baocun not Malal's little stupid mei mei to be ignored!"

Xiaomei Baocun
Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 148
Organization Seventh Officio
Rank Spiritual Liege (in training)
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Ceremonial Shrine Maiden powers, Flight
Weapon Purification Rod, Yin-Yang Orbs
Date of Birth Unknown (currently 19)

Character Summary[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

  • Xiaomei is a chinese girl with brown hair and eyes.
  • She wears clothes based on a japanese shrine maiden's garb most of the time.
  • Her hair is tied with a red ribbon on the back and tubes on her side locks.


  • Xiaomei is an irritable girl prone to grumbling, shouting and foul language.
  • She takes her work seriously and worries about her friends.

Character History[edit]

Malal Flashback[edit]

Malal requests Xiaomei's help to find the kidnapped Ekaterina Valnikov. She contacts Fran Madaraki from the Thirteenth Officio and negotiates a deal. She keeps Malal updated during her rescue mission in Varrigan City, contacting the Culexus frequently with new information.

Prose Magica[edit]

Xiaomei appeared briefly at the end of chapter 16 of Prose Magica, then again in chapter 17. During their lunch, it was revealed that Xiaomei is close friends with Odette Brighton of the Seventeenth. The two chat about about friends, family and old times. At the conclusion of their lunch, Xiaomei presents Odette fresh-baked cookies made by her wife, Dahlia Marigold.


  • Xiaomei's character design is based on Hakurei Reimu from Touhou.
  • The characters that make up Homura's last name 'Akemi' can be read as 'Xiaomei' in Mandarin.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Xiaomei Baocun
	"Just looking at you make me tired.”
OFFICIO: Seventh, in…wherever they want to be
RANK: Spiritual Liege in Training
BIO: The fledgling protégée of the Spiritual Liege of the Seventh, though apparently they’re not a whole lot alike. She’s got a sort of difficult personality, but a kind and easygoing nature. (See? I said it, so we’re even.) Supposedly her training involves wandering the world helping magical girls achieve their dreams, or something. The whole thing sounds even more like using candy to lure little kids into a van than most magical girl stuff, though…
ABILITY: All the ceremonial powers of a shrine maiden, and also she flies.
WEAPONRY: A sacred staff and magically-controlled yin-yang-patterned balls.

-I heard she worked for the Triads for a while after she contracted, and still has a big tattoo of a 100-yuan bill across her back. Rumors are rumors, but from the magical girls I’ve known? I totally believe it.

-She kind of reminds me of a really really pushy mother. Like, you can tell she probably means best, but the way she goes about it kind of makes you want to not do it anyway…
-There are rumors that she has a student high up in the Eighth Officio, too…Well, I guess there are a lot of people in need of guidance there, or something…?