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This article is a stub, due to the character not properly appearing in the story.

The Eighth Incubator. Harsh, profane, and deceptively good at his job as a boss. They say that psychopaths make good CEOs.

Eightball speaks in a mixture of various, mainly ebonic, dialects, often calling his girls bitches. The impression he gives out is rather entirely terrible, but like any Incubator, he certainly isn't stupid. Though he seems like by far the least Incubator-like Incubator due to his outlandish ways of expression, the cold reality of his results leaves no one questioning anything, most of his brothers included.

Though he's likely in a bad spot right now, for most of his service he has accumulated more turf and more power every so often, not afraid to negotiate with his brothers aggressively, even involving himself in human politics. Some of his closest employees came to understand that he is in fact very petty, vain, and jealous of his brothers. If any of them gets a new toy, he wants it too.

Due to this, he can wear various accessories depending on what kind of swag he wants to wave around, up to and including a golden chain. He recently started riding around what seems to be a diamond-encrusted, gold-plated roomba.


  • It's said that when Eightball is angry, his speech pattern clears up, and he starts speaking in a hyper-correct, almost legalistic way.
  • Kyubey considered it possible that he could rise up against the First at some point in the future.