Yuma Chitose

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Yuma Chitose
Also Known As... Omegon, Cat Ears
First Appearance Thread 61
Organization Ninth Officio
Rank Culexus
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Anti-Magic Aura
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

  • A young japanese girl with short green hair and green eyes that turn red after her contract.
  • Her soul gem is a brilliant emerald green.


  • Yuma has a sharp mind and is quite perceptive.
  • She cares for people, even if they treat her badly.
  • She feels particularly close to Kyoko.

Character History[edit]

Kyubey Flashback[edit]

Yuma is scouted by Kyoko Sakura as a potential contract 23 months prior to the starting point of the story. Despite still being very young, she is quite smart and quick to pick up on things. She even asks Kyubey rare questions such as why she is chosen and what becoming a magical girl means for her life.

Blaming herself for her parents' abusive behavior, she refuses Kyubey's offer of having one of them assassinated to improve her situation at home and accepts his magical girl contract.


In a flashback taking place on Christmas one year prior to the quest starting point, Kyoko plans a Secret Santa event and Christmas dinner, but the Officio's leading members cancel it in favor of preparing for the appearance of Walpurgisnacht one month later.

Kyoko barges into Yuma's room and makes her tag along on her shopping trip, claiming Maximum Christmas spirit. The Culexus drives them to the mall and helps pick out and buy presents, being forced into a reindeer costume pajama halfway through.

Yuma chooses the cake for Sayaka, discovers a skull servitor personal assistant for Kharn, chooses a tea set and tea for Mami and gets instructed on buying pineapple salad for Malal, while Kyoko buys some other presents. They meet up in a pet shop and buy a present for Kyubey before returning to the Officio, where they hand out everything. Before Kyoko leaves to end the day with Sayaka, she gives Yuma a pet tortoise as her Christmas present.


The new Warmaster calls the Rank Leaders into her office. After introductions, she informs her subordinates about a death threat to Mami Tomoe, instructs them to search for potential suspects for being “The Prophet” and to watch out for the dangerous Golden Weapons.

After the meeting, Chiaki ensures Omegon is Yuma and hands her Malal's package with the disassembled Remov to have the servitor skull repaired. They talk a little about Kharn and the Culexus and Chiaki invites Yuma to a party, which she turns down.


During this chapter, the game takes place in Yuma's point of view.

On the predicted day of Walpurgisnacht, Yuma wakes with a calm feeling of acceptance. She is greeted by her cheerful friend Cavefish knocking on the door, excited to get extra servings for breakfast. In the mess hall, they discuss the need for witch cover stories until Malal calls Yuma.

The Rank Leader tells her to check up on Girl A in her room and Warmaster Kharn in Silent Room Regalia, as well as tell Cavefish to initiate Protocol 8. Yuma relays the message and finishes breakfast to get her errands done.

To her surprise, the usually violent Girl A presents herself in a feeble state of mind and refers to everyone by nicknames. Yuma calls Malal to ask what happened to the girl, suspecting that she is responsible. The Rank Leader explains that Girl A and Kharn were attacked by an unknown group and that she actually stopped the girl's mind from collapsing entirely, blaming it on the influence of Walpurgisnacht or a trauma from the attack. Meanwhile Kharn is in a state close to both death and witching out.

Yuma doubts Malal's explanation and her assurance that she has no reason to betray Kharn to orchestrate the event. When Girl A refuses to explain things herself, Yuma decides to take drastic measures and forces her mind open to get the answers she needs, finding out that Malal told her the truth. When Yuma realizes what she did and tries to apologize, Girl A tries to get away as far as possible, crying for somebody to save her.

Outside, Malal calls Yuma to ask about her progress. Yuma realizes that two hours passed and that she has no more time to visit Kharn and hr friend Haruka. She decides to lie to Malal and tells her that Kharn's condition is unchanged. The Rank Leader commends her god work and tells Yuma to meet in the assembly hall.

Yuma decides to meet Haruka to confess her sins to a friend, crying into her shoulder. Haruka tells her she did the right thing given the circumstances and assures that she will always accept her.

She then heads to the assembly hall and meets Malal who introduces her to the Black Templars Enyo Karasawa and Raleigh Alondight. In private, Malal explains that she called in some favors to get the Templars to cooperate and that they will do their best to keep Yuma safe during the operation. The Ninth Officio will need her since things will get worse in times to come.

Yuma is upset that Malal accepts that nearly all Culexus will die during this mission, but the Rank Leader explains that she only does so because it is the only way for the plan she worked on for years will work, painful as it is.

The troops of Black Templars line up and Malal tells Yuma to lead them to the teleportation facility where the Culexus are waiting. However Yuma decides that she must tell Malal the truth about what she did. Furious about the betrayal and it's consequences, Malal punches Yuma hard until the Templars pull the apart. The Rank Leader claims that Yuma has doomed them all and departs to salvage whatever she can.

On the way to the facility, Alondight tries to cheer Yuma up. The Culexus gives her a vague explanation of her circumstances, but Alondight refuses to accept it as a reason to give up, claiming that they she will not pity Yuma and that they will carve their own fate. Realizing that there is still something she can do, Yuma's fighting spirit is relighted. Satisfied, the Black Templar hands her a badge and declares Yuma to be this missions Emperor's Chosen, an important role for the Templars.

Inside the teleportation facility, the Culexus rank is preparing. Cavefish greets the new arrivals and leads Yuma to the armory where she receives her combat equipment, choosing exactly like Malal predicted. Yuma admits that she had trouble with the Rank Leader, but keeps the details and mentions that Malal will arrive later than planned. She then presses for details on Protocol 8 and learns that all Culexus packed their personal belongings into labeled boxes to be sent to their families after death.

Back in the main chamber, huge screens show the locations of other troops. The Templars stare at one in particular and Raleigh explains that one girl, Sayaka, looks just like the First Knight they worship. She claims it as a sign of good fortune and victory.

Shortly before the teleportation sequence starts, Cavefish worries about being unable to contact Malal. Yuma sends a telepathic message and is answered by a panicked message that Kharn is gone, followed by screams of pain and death that spread out to all other Culexus.

After the transport, Yuma finds herself alone in a hellish landscape full of blood, flesh and bones, the Warmaster's witch towering over the battlefield full of death. Taking cover, she tries to contact anyone and finds that Alondight and a handful of Black Templars, as well as Cavefish and a few other Culexus, are still alive and already fighting for two hours.

The group moves in to Yuma's position and Alondight explains her plan to turn the tide. They will exploit Kharn's desire for battle by distracting her with a frontal assault while another Templar, Mordred Pendragon, will sneak up behind her under the cover of Culexus magic and launch her powerful Sword of Promised Victory to defeat the witch.

Mordred blames Yuma for their situation and tries to attack her, but Cavefish lifts her up and gives the rude Templar a thorough spanking, which the other Templars agree to as a discipline measure they should have thought of themselves. Before they head out, Enyo asks Yuma to deliver a message to Alondight in case she does not survive to do it herself.

As one of Kharn's daemons attacks, the Templars begin their fight and Yuma, Cavefish and Mordred head towards their designated position. On the way, Mordred explains that her sisters only spoke of glory and heroics, never of seeing their friends die like she did this day. Yuma explains that a small group sacrificing themselves for the survival of billions is rather heroic.

Mordred explains how her ability works and that she needs five minutes to charge it up in her current state, but will certainly kill anything she hits. Once at their destination, the group waits for Alondight's signal. Cavefish talks about how she knows they will not survive, but for once it is Yuma who cheers her up.

Soon, the Black Templars begin their assault and Mordred starts charging her attack and the Culexus pair release their limiters. They witness Kharn's witch easily hold her ground against the Templars and eventually turning around to face them instead. Yuma and Cavefish put up a shield to repel the attack and give Mordred the time she needs.

After the second attack, Cavefish falls and Mordred staggers back in fear, turns around and runs away. In a desperate measure, Yuma rises her hands against the witch and pours everything she has into stopping the next attack, eventually breaking the giant sword before collapsing next to Cavefish. The last thing she sees before passing out is Malal walking up next to her.

Yuma wakes up to the Rank Leader's voice threatening to kick her awake if necessary. They joke about Malal's strange getup before she explains just a bit of her plan and how she miscalculated that Yuma would act just like herself. During their short conversation, Malal transforms into a darker version of herself with razor sharp teeth and black wings. Yuma begs to know how she can help Malal's plan, who tells her to look out for Girl A.

Yuma wakes again, this time to Enyo's voice. She asks about Alondight to deliver the message, but Enyo tells her that since they both survived, she will do it herself. On a darker matter, she explains that Cavefish is dead and that all of her magic was drained during the fight.

Enyo also explains that Malal defeated Kharn with a single shot from her bow, that the Warmaster is still alive and has returned to her human form. Mordred is on the run, but the Templars have already dispatched search parties. As an apology, Enyo offers her sword to Yuma as a sign of their debt and promises to aid her in whatever fashion to repent.

After her wounds are treated, Yuma retreats and shuts herself into her room, ignoring everyone who tries to approach her. She wonders if the world she helped to save is worth still saving.


  • The early character is a direct port of Yuma Chitose from Puella Magi Oriko Magica.
  • Her wish consumed Kyubeys entire daily amount of energy from the Incubator stock that usually lasts for ten contracts, and then some more of his own.
  • Yuma can easily read most people's mind without actively trying to. She claims that most people have very loud minds.
  • Yuma learned the basics of being a magical girl from Kyoko.
  • Yuma did nothing wrong.
  • Yuma's hair persistently takes on the shape of cat ears since her first transformation. No amount of washing, conditioner and brushing can fix it.
  • Yuma reacts to Girl A like others react to a Culexus, a foreboding feeling mixed with irrational fear and hatred.
  • When she heard that her parents committed suicide shortly after her contract was established, she broke down laughing.
  • Her helmet lacked a skull painting for a long time because she refused to accept her vision of Malal's death, preventing her from completing the tradition of sharing a precognition of a friend's death that allows the paint job to be done.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Omegon
    "I'm fine, really. There's a lot of work to do, so I've been keeping busy. Can we...make this quick? 
	I need to be somewhere in a few minutes."
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Culexus Rank Leader/sole inheritor
BIO: A young Culexus that was contracted a few years ago with the help of Sakura Kyouko, and the sole survivor of her squad after the Walpurgis Night massacre last year. A lot of people lost a lot when Rank Leader Malal died, Omegon more than most all of them. She’s tough, though, and she pushes herself really hard to fill the void the Rank Leader left behind. Way harder than she should. It probably doesn’t help that people are always comparing them.
ABILITY: Standard Culexus ability – anti-magic. Omegon isn’t nearly as strong as Rank Leader Malal was, but nobody is.
WEAPONRY: A crowbar…and a tablet. Just like Malal.
	MAGIC 		 S+

- Omegon contracted very young, showing impressive potential even from early on. She really is a lot like Malal – almost a second coming, some days. 

- Pretty rare for someone in her position, Omegon doesn’t touch any kind of mind-altering substances. But she’s like…fourteen? That’d be pretty young, even for a magical girl.

- She has a pet turtle, Taro. At the moment, though, Sakura Kyouko is taking care of him.