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Hazuki Amane, current Warmaster of the First Officio, located on the Moon.

Second only to the First Incubator in the Officio ranking (with the ability to override any other Incubator’s decision, as seen in later chapters), she is seen as a ruthless but efficient leader. She is also Haruka Amane’s twin sister.


White haired, with the regalia of a Warmaster; one of her arms is encased in Witch metal.


Little is known of Hazuki; she has only appeared thrice, with each time being as fleeting as they are impactful. What can be discerned is that she is easily one of the most powerful characters in the work, with one suggesting that she has the power to destroy every single other Officio should she wish. It is also heavily implied that she is this timeline’s Homura Akemi, and the original copy (“The Exile” or “The Stranger”, the owner of the Golden Wings and the Golden Shield; helped Malal to achieve the goals of the Kyuubey for the Ninth Officio, and was thought by Malal to have died from corruption) that was cloned to make Murderface (Chiaki Matsuda).


- Her initials are the same as Homura’s.

- Given the copious number of Metal Gear references in the last third of the story, it is likely that Chiaki and Hazuki were written to have a similar relationship to Venom and Boss. This is especially noted when considering official art of “The Stranger”. However, much like most of Hazuki’s character, this can only be inferred due to the story’s abrupt hiatus.