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Tomoe Mami
Profile-Mami Tomoe.png
Also Known As... Goddess of Victory and Pancakes
First Appearance Thread 1
Organization Ninth Officio
Rank Incubator's Secretary, previously acting Warmaster, previously Vindicare Rank Leader
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Marksmanship, Charisma
Weapon Ribbons, Muskets
Date of Birth June 5 (currently approximately 19 years old)

Character Summary[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

  • A japanese girl with golden blonde curls and honey colored eyes.
  • Mami carries herself with elegance.
  • She has a very mature build with a huge chestline.
  • Her amber Soul Gem takes the shape of a flower fixed in a hair accessory on her right.


  • Mami is a gentle and polite woman.
  • She believes in the good part in people.
  • Once she sets her mind on something, her determination does not waver.
  • Mami has a talent of making people like her, building up a motherly image in a short time.
  • Deep down she is a professional magical girl and a fierce fighter who enjoys the hunt.

Character History[edit]

Mami Tomoe is the one who found Girl A inside Charlotte's barrier. She has taken care of her ever since and remains a motherly figure to Chiaki, trying to push her on the right path to becoming a decent person.


Christmas the year before the story starts, Kyoko plans a Secret Santa event for her friends, but the leading members of the Officio cancel it in favor of preparing for the appearance of Walpurgisnacht one month later.

In the evening Kyoko barges into Kyubey's office where Kharn, Malal and Mami are having a meeting and hands out Christmas presents to her friends, insisting the holiday is more important than the looming witch. Mami receives a fancy tea set and premium tea and thanks her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.


NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Tomoe Mami
	"While I won’t expressly stop you from doing this…do try and take care.” 
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Former Warmaster Candidate, Second to the Incubator
BIO: A veteran magical girl and the sweetheart of Japan’s Officios, Tomoe Mami has the capacity to leave a real, lasting mark on the magical girl world. She has an impenetrable veil of polite professionalism that captures the heart of even the most grizzled stoic. Well, in a way, it’s sort of creepy…nobody could really be that nice, right? Right??
ABILITY: Some kind of gun bondage – the creation and manipulation of ribbons, used in particular to bind or to shape rifle barrels.
WEAPONRY: An infinite number of antique rifles.


-Even though she’s ultimately given up the position of Warmaster, Tomoe Mami’s kind and hopeful attitude, as well as the length of her service, have made her fairly well-known and even outright popular among magical girls internationally.

-Supposedly, she lives alone…it’s probably really lonely at the top, even with a million admirers. Maybe that makes it even more lonely…

-Supposedly, Tomoe is a taste sensation in certain culinary fields…With her sugary dressage and confident smile, she can make even witches drool. I wanna try, too…


Art by Nicehatguy[edit]