Kirika Kure

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"I've seen beyond the world of skin and flesh, the architecture of blood and bone marrow. Death...death is coming, Murderface, and hell follows with her."

Kirika Kure
Kirika civ.jpg
Also Known As... -
First Appearance Thread 8
Organization Ninth Officio
Rank Eversor, Rank Leader
Occupation Magical Girl -DECEASED-
Ability Time Dilation
Weapon Psychic Claws, Golden Katana
Height -
Date of Birth Unknown, Age 17

Character Summary[edit]

Kirika Kure is the 9th Officio's best close-combat specialist until her forced retirement. She is also the former wielder of the golden katana Muramasa, her soul now presumably inhabiting the weapon and filling it with bloodlust. Her combat style is aggressive, forgoing stealth for direct assault. Her time dilation power is weaker than that of Chiaki Matsuda and is used mainly to dodge and increase her naturally high speed even further.

Due to her personality, Kirika is not very well liked in the Officio. Kyoko hates her for taking out one of her eyes, Sayaka hates her for her attitude and behavior during their time as master and student. She shares a mutual hate relationship with Chiaki due to their personalities and combat styles being natural opposites.

Physical Description[edit]

  • A japanese girl with violet eyes and hair.
  • People describe her as classy and sophisticated.
  • Kirika is said to have a very nice voice.


  • Kirika is extremely confident.
  • She is also irritable and very bloodthirsty.
  • Kiriki is furthermore extremely protective of Oriko.
  • She disregards ranged weapons as cowardly, preferring the more personal melee combat.

Character History[edit]


Kirika is marked for forced retirement for becoming too dangerous and unpredictable after acquiring a golden katana. Chiaki investigates and requests information about the weapon. The two of them meet in a yakuza bar where Kirika reveals that she got it from the same apparition Chiaki frequently sees and tries to have a group of gangsters kill the other girl.

While Chiaki escapes and makes preparations, Kirika takes Mami hostage and demands to fight her would be assassin. They face each other on a skyscraper where Kirika stabs Mami and pushes Chiaki into a corner before she is taken out by Misaka with a large caliber sniper rifle.

Mami Flashback[edit]

In a flashback taking place two years prior to the main quest, Kirika is considered Mamis equal and best friend. She is called in as backup to clear a witch barrier, accompanied by a squad of three Culexus. She explains her weakened friend that the Culexus are causing her current state, hinting that she has already spent some time with them. Kirika assures Mami that the witch will be taken care of and that the magical girl she found in the barrier is fine and will be brought to the Officio.


In a flashback taking place on Christmas one year prior to the story's starting point, Kirika meets Kyoko in Mitakihara Central Mall while shopping with Oriko. Her friend offers to help the red haired girl find a suitable set of underwear for her girlfriend, and Kirika grudgingly agrees on leaving them alone for a while after arguing with her coworker.


  • The character design is a direct adaption of Kirika Kure from Puella Magi Oriko Magica. (save for her hair and eye colors, which were brown and yellow respectively)
  • Her file reads that her wish was to be strong enough to protect someone she loves.
  • Kirika completed 120 missions with 400 hostile kills, including witches and 5 magical girls.
  • The amount of innocents killed by Kirika is almost as high as her hostile kills.
  • Her drink of choice is the Changaa.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Kure Kirika
        "Please, no photographs. Although I will indulge a one-on-one interview later, over dinner...kyahahaha!"
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Eversor Rank Leader
BIO: A violent and moody magical girl in the Ninth, she nonetheless has the skills to back it up. Kure Kirika has a certain rough charm to her that attracts people to her. I heard that she’s not very close to many people, though…that must be lonely.
ABILITY: Time dilation, or the ability to slow things around her. Whether it affects aging long-term is kind of an interesting subject, isn’t it?
WEAPONRY: Long, curved claws and drunken charm.
        STRENGTH         A
        SPEED            SS
        MELEE            SS
        RANGED           C
        MAGIC            S
        TACTICS          C
        CHARM            B
-She’s kind of a drunk. But some people need a little boost to keep them going. It helps that she kind of gets more charming that way…
-Apparently Kure Kirika is attached at the hip to some civilian? There isn’t much information on her – civilians aren’t really our business*.
-She was surprisingly polite over dinner (or maybe it was the wine)! We went somewhere nice, and she even picked up the bill. Who knew? Although she did get fresh with the waitress…
*without cash payment