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"The Blessed Lady...t-the Blessed Lady protects, Blessed Lady, p-please, save your faithful servant in her time of need, I beg of y-you..."

Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 49
Organization Third Officio
Rank Warmaster
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability High Level Magic
Weapon Golden Hequin Staff
Date of Birth Unknown

Character Summary[edit]

Ahriman is the last Warmaster of the Third Officio Assassinorum before it is nearly wiped out by Kharn. She claimed her position by defeating her predecessor in an honor duel, vaporizing her in merely five seconds. She is also the owner of the Golden Staff and a devoted follower of the Blessed Lady.

Physical Description[edit]

  • A japanese girl with long platinum blonde hair and cold blue eyes.
  • Her soul gem is worn as a pendant, its original color no longer recognizable.



  • Ahriman carries herself like a noble.
  • She considers herself vastly superior.
  • Her belief in the Blessed Lady is unwavering.

Character History[edit]

Kharn Flashback[edit]

Ahriman meets with Kharn and two subordinates to discuss the incident where one of the Ninth killed three squads of the Third. Feeling herself in the right, she demands the murderer's life and the transfer of Mami Tomoe as compensation. Kharn refuses these terms and kills a hundred of Ahriman's subordinates.

Protected by her Equerry Erebus, the Third Warmaster gains power from her golden staff and the sacrifice of her underlings and assaults her enemies with powerful magic. While Kharn fights Erebus, Ahriman grows wings and pushes Malal and Murderface into a tight spot before nearly killing the Third Warmaster upon her return.

Close to death, Kharn acquires a golden weapon of her own, shocking the faithful Ahriman by gaining the Blessed Lady's favor, and defeats her rather easily. Worshiping her goddess until the end, Ahriman is beheaded and her soul gem crushed by the Ninth Warmaster.


After her death at the hands of Kharn, Ahriman's soul survives inside the golden staff. It made it's way into the hands of Oriko Mikuni who appears as the Prophet working against Chiaki Matsuda. Whether it is Oriko's own will or Ahriman's manipulation is unknown.


  • Ahriman is a reference to the Warhammer character of the same name, a powerful Chaos Sorceror of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion.
  • Ahriman's appearance is based on Nyaruko from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.