Umika Misaki

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Furthermore, nothing about the Twelfth Officio is canon so far, at all.

"Are you seeing the patterns yet?"

Also Known As...
First Appearance Riddle of Witch Flesh
Organization Twelfth Officio, formerly Tenth Officio
Rank Vanus, Chief Librarian. Formerly Librarian, and a Callidus as the Librarius.
Occupation Magical Girl, novelist
Ability telepathy, creating constructs from light
Weapon book, changeable into a staff
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

One of the Pleiades Saints, Umika used to hold the position of Librarius in the Tenth Officio. She was a Callidus in there, and it seems she was involved in the basic training of Hanegawa Midori, or lack therof.

She is passionate about studying Witches, and is one of the world's experts in the field. For this reason and others, she has transferred into the Twelfth some time ago.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Umika is a japanese girl of dimunitive stature, though she would be a bit tall in Japan. She has blue eyes, and long black hair of a strange cut - once on her bangs, then on her shoulders, and once more before the end. She wears her blue soul gem in the form of a bindi on her forhead, though that doesn't seem to have any truly religious implications.
  • Her costume is a thin white dress, with golden stripes and a white veil over her scalp, starting from a metal forehead brace, making her seem a bit like a nun.
  • It comes with glasses, and she doesn't wear any out of it. It's unknown whether the glasses actually do anything, but she likes to push them up often when she has them, making her seem a little more distant and strict when transformed.
  • She is usually seen in two states of mind: First is focused, and either quiet, or speaking in a very controlled manner. Second is angry and talkative. There doesn't seem to be much in between.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

  • Umika is a notably powerful user of mental magic, her aptitude for it matching that of a Culexus, and able to achieve similar results. That said, it is Callidus magic in nature, and works differently. Umika's magic is more gentle and less destructive, and focused on observing more than affecting. If she would change something in someone's mind, it will have the form of a seal over the subject, or an illusion making it appear different, rather than the memory or perception being truly changed. It usually takes the form of a book, in which thoughts of the beings nearby are recorded. If she is manipulating someone directly, she is looking into their eyes like a hypnotist, and hits them into the forehead with hers in order to trigger the effect.
  • Umika's book is also able to record spells when they are used nearby, an extremely uncanny skill. While Juunibey has granted her the right to map the general thoughts of people in the Twelfth, he wasn't aware she would also be gathering the spells this way. Umika owns several books filled with spells from the Tenth, Ninth, Third, and Twelfth that she could come across in her life.
  • She can make her book into a staff with double rhombus tip, though she wields it more like a polearm. She has a liking for polearms in general.
  • In combat, she creates contructs seemingly out of light, and can throw balls of light as magic blasts. She is used to having an assistant that would put her larger creations into motion, as she doesn't have the ability to do so alone, past a certain point. The option to know their foe's thoughts is also immensely helpful.
  • Being a Vanus now, she would have some skills for performing the job, though they are never shown.


  • She is very intelligent, sober, and a realist. There is a certain assertive studiousness to her. She is drawn to things she doesn't understand, and enraged when things don't go as she expected.
  • It seems she has more of a notion of morals than some would expect from a member of the Pleiades, who are often seen as ruthless cutthroats. She still hides a very sharp and severe side, and will fall to violent measures very fast.
  • She often experiences negative mood swings and creative blocks, which are then resolved through cooking.
  • She cares for people she considers friends and comrades - and in her case, this actually includes everyone in the Tenth. On the flipside, she thinks of people that are of no interest to her as little more than things.

Character History[edit]


Umika used to be a child writer, and made her contract to ensure success and fame of her works. It seems she went on writing Light Novels even after her contract, until she lost interest, and moved onto more serious literature.

Less than a year prior to the main Quest, she had trasferred into the Twelfth, to seek new knowledge, and get away from the bad bussiness practice she experienced under Jyubey.

She promised to keep the Tenth's secrets, much of which were her own handiwork, to herself. Of course, the Tenth has no real guarantee of her secrecy, but she is seen to be hesitant to speak of the Tenth at length outside of it.

Riddle of Witch Flesh[edit]

- in progress


Umika becomes the Chief Librarian sometime later, likely once her spellbooks had been added into consideration of the Incubator.


  • Umika is a direct port from Puella Magi Kazumi Magica, though her personality is slightly different. She is also a bit less ridiculously competent than her canon self, though the Chief Librarian position might soon change that.
  • Curiously, some of the greatest unwitting contributants of truly practical spells in Umika's repertoire were certain Kyoko Sakura and Mami Tomoe. Umika has the habit of naming spells in Italian, stemming from theirs. This behavior had then been adapted by much of the Tenth that would be taught to use these spells.