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"(Ratmie) - Commendation of the stalling-complaining-muttering lovers for the same. Prize of the school spirit for all-nighters in the workshop and general valor. Diploma of Honour of (class Panty Anarchy equivalent) for thick-headedness, indomitability, immovability, and unadultability. Medal of (german teacher) for shown gratitude towards the narrowed eye, especially concerning absence excusement."

- loose translation of Ratmie's high school graduation note

Hi. I failed to be a serious bussiness artist, so I'm drawing megucas and writing about them instead, to fill the void. I don't even like Madoka, so this is my way of smuggling Utena into MGNQ.

I also knew both Decu and Hat before they were cool, so that has a part in it.

My writeup series to read would be The Riddle of Witch Flesh.