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"I merely wanted to retrieve my Callidus in a peaceful, amiable fashion. Even after she attacked my agent - without provocation nor justification, I may add - I tried again a second time, thinking that she might listen to reason after getting her pound of flesh."

Also Known As... dickbutt
First Appearance Thread 68
Organization Tenth Officio
Rank Incubator
Occupation Incubator
Ability Ruses and Tricks
Weapon Passive Agression
Height 1 Incubator
Date of Birth Big Bang?

Character Summary[edit]

Jyubey is one of the three Incubators who chose to operate in Japan. Ever since Sanbey's Officio had crumbled, Jyubey shares or contests much of his territorry with Kyubey, so they are natural rivals. For example, Jyubey assigned Hanegawa Midori to be an assistant in the assaults against Minase Iori, thus putting her in conflict with Chiaki Matsuda, and setting in motion much of the main quest's plot.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Jyubey is of typical Incubator shape.
  • His fur is black, except for his head, which is white, save for the circular hatch for intaking Grief Seeds. His eyes are red.
  • He has a fluffy puff on his neck, reminiscent of a muffler. He wears the same accessories Kyubey does, and seems to have his tail tied together at the root.
  • Somehow, he comes across as quite french.


  • For an Incubator, Jyubey is very assertive and somewhat greedy, while remaining eloquent about it.
  • Due to his tendency to falling back towards extreme measures, rather than accepting loss, he is considered something of an outcast among his brothers. He uses the underhanded practices of a mafioso, blackmail and threats being his bread and butter.
  • He is very dislikable for humans. Although he may be kinder to his own and they tolerate him more easily, they still wish he had more concern for his people's well being. It is probably not his intent, but rather a result of his shrewd nature, that the Tenth is such a closely knit group.

Character History[edit]

Valnikov Kharn[edit]

When Chiaki is in training in Siberia, Jyubey sends Mirai Wakaba to recover Midori. After she is defeated by Kharn, and is interrogated, he attempts to barter them both from from Kyubey and Chiaki. With the negotiations failing, he makes Mirai remotely witch out, thus starting the Barrier arc.


He appears talking to Kyubey, along with Saki Asami, after the Kirishima Ruri op. in thread 141. He is suspected of assisting the Tojo group during the concert.


  • Jyubey is a port from Puella Magi Kazumi Magica in design, although his personality is wildly different.
  • He is very sensitive towards being called a dickbutt, which is apparently a horrible racial slur for Incubators.