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Furthermore, nothing about the Twelfth Officio is canon so far, at all.

"The play is quite interesting, and could provide, to the more curious viewer, a gateway into a whole new unique theatre genre. But, as it often happens, all you humans remember is the title song."

Also Known As... Woland (in bussiness)
First Appearance Riddle of Witch Flesh 5
Organization Twelfth Officio
Rank Incubator
Occupation Incubator
Ability Social Awareness
Weapon Knowledge
Height 1 Incubator
Date of Birth Big Bang?

Character Summary[edit]

Juunibey is the Incubator working in Prague. He is not among the most successful of his brethern at the first glance, but he has some of the greatest basic results in old school Incubator work. Seeing that most of his brothers had chosen to concern themselves with more immediate threats, he had decided to be the one to keep doing it the old way, and fight the impending great equalizer of heat death with all the resources and methods he was allowed.

The Twelfth Incubator came within the second wave, around the year 1930. He formerly worked in small Asia and east Europe, before making his base of operations on the westmost territory.

He used to have problems with maintaining firm morale of combat classes, and avoiding public incidents and leaks. Often feeling betrayed by his act, his contractees would not listen to reason anymore, and this created problems where others had none. His brothers have advised him to instead focus his dilligence on the work nobody had actually wanted to do, and become the Incubator's de facto record keeper. Thus, the Twelfth Officio came to be the way it is today.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Juunibey is of traditional Incubator shape, but his fur is dark, his eyes are yellow, and he has a striking white marking on his forehead.
  • He has a high, frilly collar growing out of his back, giving off the wibe of a wizards's cape.
  • His tail is also somewhat thin and has a white tip, as do his legs, giving him a more feline appearance than most other Incubators have.


  • Puts on a show of being sociable around humans, but is really a ruthless butcher. While lying is frowned upon by other incubators, and he never does it either, he considers it a fundamental part of human nature, and argues that it shouldn't be excluded from communication with humans, and severly limits his use of language as a tool.
  • Fully dedicated to the Incubator's cause. A human observer could call him the First's buttmonkey.

Character History[edit]

Riddle of Witch Flesh[edit]

- in progress


  • Often plays pranks on humans to see how they react.
  • A visitor from another Officio talking to Juunibey the first time will usually have an impression that he's one of the nicer Incubators. He also makes a good impression on the new recruits.