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"In short, sempai, I'm your ninja," Midori's smile widens slightly. "Er, well, just don't ask me to steal stuff, or anything. I've never been great at shoplifting."

Midori Hanegawa
Profile-Midori Hanegawa.png
Also Known As... Midori Sakamoto, Broccoli Head, Green Green, Midorin
First Appearance Thread 5
Organization Ninth Officio, formerly Tenth Officio
Rank Callidus
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Illusions
Weapon Wrist-blade and daggers
Height 168cm
Date of Birth May 6 (currently 17)

Midori Hanegawa, is recurring character and one of the narrators of Magical Girl Noir Quest. Initially introduced as an enemy Magical Girl, she was taken prisoner, interrogated, and eventually recruited into the Ninth Officio by Chiaki Matsuda. A shy and lonely young woman with self-esteem issues, it was quickly revealed that Midori had an infatuation with her violent would be savior. An infatuation that would eventually lead her to risk her own life in exchange for that of the amnesiac Magical Girl.

Character Summary[edit]

A ramen chef's daughter from a family with crippling debt. She originally contracted as a member of the Tenth Officio, but was later recruited into the Ninth Officio after being defeated and captured by Chiaki during her first bodyguard mission involving Iori Minase. Reassigned to Chiaki as her direct subordinate, it was quickly revealed that Midori actually knew Chiaki by reputation and was completely infatuated with her, even having gone so far as to draw porn doujinshi involving a self-insert character of herself and an idealized version of Chiaki - "The Adventures of Miracle Midori and Murder Mayumi". Chiaki took the news surprisingly well and the two continued to work closely together for the duration of the Siberia Mission despite initial mistrust and difficulties. After being forced to subdue the one friend she had made during her time in the Tenth Officio, Mirai Wakaba, Midori is further tested by the harrowing experience of having to fight through two overlapping Witch Barrier's in order to rescue Chiaki...

Physical Description[edit]

  • A Japanese girl of above average height. She is seventeen years old.
  • Midori has pretty crimson eyes and brilliant green hair.
  • Her long green hair is tied at the back of her head by a single yellow ribbon.
  • She is remarkably busty, having been compared to Mami in multiple occasions.
  • Midori is usually seen wearing a gray colored hoody along with black bike shorts and blue sneakers.
  • Her Soul Gem is a circular crimson gem gilded with silver and brass. It is held at her neck by a choker when transformed. The gilding is later replaced with that of Mirai Wakaba's brass.


  • Midori is loyal to her friends and true to her beliefs.
  • She is very considerate.
  • She also has a vivid, lewd imagination.
  • Initially, Midori acts in a very assertive manner, but becomes increasingly shyer and awkward as time passes.
  • Midori is quite insecure about her capabilities as a Callidus and her worth to Chiaki as a friend.
  • She also has a prominent jealous streak.

Character History[edit]

Iori Minase[edit]

Midori is hired by a group of Otaku to place an illusion on the guards of the idol Iori Minase while they have their way with the helpless girl. She appears as the idol's friend Yayoi and casts a spell on the guardian. In the illusion, she tells the magical girl bodyguard that the men will not harm her, but is violently thrown off by Faust and shot by Chiaki Matsuda.


After being transferred to a silent room, Midori is interrogated by her captor, drunk from having her soul gem soaked in alcohol. She refuses to reveal details about her Incubator and flirts with Chiaki, who offers her to switch employers.


After a particularly stressful assignment Chiaki visits her to get drunk together but is interrupted by Kyubey. The Incubator offers to either overwrite or nullify Midori's contract, and Chiaki decides to take responsibility of her. After a bit of fooling around with her soul gem, Chiaki takes Midori to the infirmary to have her body healed. On the way she explains her Callidus abilities and her encounter with Faust.

Midori serves as Chiaki's driver while she meets people in preparation for her trip to Siberia, happy about being allowed to accompany her.


Midori takes care of Misaka at the airport. On the plane Chiaki confronts her about a porn comic featuring characters that look like them, and admits being the author behind “The Adventures of Miracle Midori and Murder Mayumi”.To her surprise, Chiaki is not mad and gives her thorough critique instead.

Betrayer & Hunt[edit]

Midori is intimidated by Kharn's presence and jealous of her closeness with Chiaki. When her superior wants her to cook for the russian and asks about her part in the attack on Iori, she locks herself into a room to cry. Chiaki apologizes for being insensitive, Midori apologizes for overreacting, Kharn thanks her for the food. Midori later finds Chiaki sleeping on her bed and decides to sleep next to her to calm her nightmares.

They later depart on a hunting trip, but cancel the plan when they find traces of an enemy magical girl, which Midori thinks is an acquaintance. They find Mirai who demands Midori's return to her old Officio, but have to fight when she refuses. Chiaki and Midori take on the horde of bears while Kharn engages Mirai. Chiaki uses the golden katana and loses control of herself until Midori makes her regain herself, sustaining injuries in the process.

Following Kharn, they find her over Mirai's burning corpse. The russian promises that the scheduled procedure will fix Chiaki and makes Midori promise to keep her superior away from the golden weapons for a while. Back at the base Souji treats their wounds and puts them in bed together.

Treatment & Training[edit]

Chiaki lost her memories during the procedure. Midori introduces herself again and tells her some details about her life and surroundings again. She accompanies Chiaki to the training facilities where she fights Kharn and expresses her concern about using golden weapons against each other.

Later Chiaki starts interrogating the captured Mirai but the Tenth Incubator takes control of the girl and threatens to detonate her soul gem. Midori is sent out to have Souji prepare an emergency teleporter, soon finding Kharn next to her after an explosion.

Midori & Miracle Midori[edit]

During this chapter, the game takes place in Midori's point of view.

Chiaki was held back in the interrogation room and is trapped inside the witch barrier that resulted from Mirai's soul gem exploding. Midori decides to infiltrate the place to save Chiaki, takes some equipment from Souji, a teleport beacon from Misaka and moves in. There she meets Madoka and teams up with her to search for her friend in the twisted reflection of Mitakihara City.

They enter the Middle School and find several phantoms, hide from a threatening figure and find the first fragment. On their way out the predator attacks and Madoka stays behind to buy time for Midori and Homura to escape. The two of them make their way to the red light district and find another fragment in Charles' Bar. Together they move on to the Hanegawa ramen restaurant and meet Malal and Mirai.

They explain that they are looking for the fragments as well to reunite all of them. Soon the third fragment closes in and Midori manages to calm it down while her companions keep it occupied. Kharn shows up and challenges the armored fragment, but Midori slaps her and blusters at the selfish russian, driving her off by breaking her will to fight. The group takes a rest in the restaurant, has some conversations and depart for the fourth fragment.

They find Kharn nearly dead lying in front of the winged fragment and Midori can't contain her anger and insults her. The fragment sends her servants to kill everyone and Midori falls first. Separated from her body, she encounters Madoka again who assists her in gathering the soul gems from all fragments while explaining Faust and the golden weapons.

After most of the battle is over, Madoka manifests Midori to talk to the last remaining fragment. She convinces her to keep on living and returning to the real world before fusing all fragments together. Back with Madoka, the Blessed Lady tells her that her soul gem is burned out, but Malal appears, throws Mirai's soul gem at her and demands that she uses it to save Midori.

She reveals her identity and asks Midori to take care of Chiaki before she returns to her body where Mirai waits. She tells her that she could not bear seeing her friend die and is at peace with her situation. Midori thanks her friend and tells her she will miss her before waking up in the real world.

Chiaki thanks her for everything she did and pulls her into an embrace to calm her down after the traumatic experience. Together they decide that Kharn will have to live with the consequences of her betrayal and has to marry Souji as part of her punishment. They decide to leave Kharn and Souji alone, have a meal together and stare into the sky to assure that the nightmare is indeed over.

Return & Warmaster[edit]

Back in Mitakihara, Midori is still extremely exhausted from the experience inside the overlapping witch barriers. She still accompanies Chiaki, insisting that she will be alright once she gets more sleep. In Kyubey's office, Mami expresses her gratitude for saving Chiaki before the Callidus collapses.

The medical staff diagnoses her with barrier sickness and extreme sleep deprivation, putting her under medication to have her rest under observation. Chiaki visits, but finds her sleeping and leaves a blue rose.

The next day, Chiaki brings her lunch, which turns out to be the “waifu special” that some Officio members use for confession, and even feeds the Callidus. After the meal, Chiaki tells Midori to come live with her since her new apartment is too big for her alone and that she wants to have her close. Midori is overwhelmed, hugs Chiaki and cries into her shoulder until Kyoko arrives and calms her down.

In the evening they have a house warming party in their new apartment. Drunk, Midori rummages through Chiaki's inventory and steals her cigarettes and a pair of laminated panties, the latter are taken back while the Callidus sleeps. In the morning Chiaki wakes her up before departing on her next mission.

Kirishima & Concert[edit]

While Chiaki is on her mission to protect Ruri Kirishima, Midori and Kyoko are assigned on an investigation case. In between their search, the two of them follow Ruri's livestream and concert broadcast to keep an eye on their friend.

The day before the concert, Kyoko delivers some items to Chiaki. Since Iori is also present and Midori should not be seen by her, the Callidus uses her abilities to disguise herself. The first thing that came to her mind is an image of the shy fragment of Chiaki's psyche she met inside her barrier, and she pretends to be a new recruit, effectively fooling the idol.

Back on their own mission, Midori deceives a friend of the girl they are hired to find by taking on her appearance and talking to her friends. Thus the Callidus and Kyoko quickly complete their task. To celebrate her success, as well as Chiaki's victory against Lucius, Midori asks her out on a date for dinner.


  • Midori's appearance is based on Shion from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni with a few changes.
  • The character in general is based on one of Decultures friends.
  • Midori is not a morning person.
  • She is bad at holding her liquor.
  • Midori never killed anyone because she doesn't want blood on her hands and lied to people about it to save face.
  • She made her wish and became a magical girl on her 15th birthday.
  • Her greatest fear is being alone.
  • Midori is not very fond of salad.
  • Midori's Soul Gem is attuned to that of Chiaki. Chiaki can detect and kill her if necessary. They can pulse short sentences to each other, but this is quite exhausting to keep up, and they agreed to use it only in emergencies. The procedure Chiaki went through in Siberia is said to not affect Midori in any way.
  • Midori taught Chiaki to detect Callidus illusion barriers during their last days in Siberia. One has to revert her Soul Gem into it's physical form and try to detect a witch barrier. Since these barriers are similar in nature, the gem will react accordingly. This is not a completely sure detection however, as some Callidus are exceptionally talented and nearly undetectable.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Hanegawa Midori
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Callidus Sexcretary
BIO: Formerly one of the rare Callidus of the Tenth, Hanegawa Midori is an otaku, for better or worse, and more or less a run of the mill magical girl. She’s nonetheless ascended to her own special rank in the Ninth (in bed) with her cheery and friendly attitude and her awkward charm.
ABILITY: A specialization in illusions, based in and strengthened by what her target wants to see. A very magical girl-like ability.
WEAPONRY: Knives, with a preference for a butterfly knife.

	MELEE 		 C+
	MAGIC 		 B+
	CHARM		 B (SS?*)

*moe counts for a lot for some people


-Midori bears a striking resemblance to the protagonist of the popular ero series Miracle Midori x Murder Mayumi. Likewise, she began a whirlwind romance similar to the one depicted in the books with Murderface Matsuda soon after their fateful meeting. …Any girl would be jealous.

-Her family owns one of Mitakihara’s hidden treasures, a ramen shop tucked away in the red light district run by a huge, scary traditionalist-type-guy. This reporter has gone through the whole menu, and even some of the regular dishes!

-You really have to wonder what they put in that ramen, though…she’s a really healthy girl*. Maybe there’s something to eating hearty food with a Japanese soul and the spirit of a yamato nyadeshiko…

*assistant’s note: fat


Art by Nicehatguy[edit]