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Tiny Pete
Tiny Pete.png
Also Known As... Terminator
First Appearance Thread 9
Organization VIII Legion, 1st Company
Rank Terminator
Occupation Tactical Dreadnought Armor
Ability Teleport
Weapon Giant fists, Giant Hammer
Height 8 - 10 ft
Date of Birth Unknown

Tiny Pete is an AI controlled Chaos Terminator conjured up by the bizarre storage function of Chiaki Matsuda's shield. The armor was restored and named by Misaka, who constructed the AI and currently maintains it while providing constant upgrades. Despite its enormous size and bulky build, it can move extremely fast while withstanding and inflicting the enormous damage that its size implies. Tiny Pete carries out his orders loyally and without hesitation, making him a powerful ally.

Character Summary[edit]

Official Designation: Tiny Pete of the VIII legion, First Company, Serial Number unknown. Under the helmet is a cockpit that fits a human. Tiny Pete is outfitted with a teleportation device, a target beacon is inside a golden cross pendant given to Chiaki Matsuda by Misaka. His equipment includes a black hammer the size of a coffin, crackling with black electricity and a yet unadjusted heavy bolter.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Gigantic black plate armor adorned with bronze symbols and skulls.
  • Noticeable symbols include an eight pointed star, a bat winged skull on the right pauldron, and a snarling lion on the left.
  • The large shoulderpads form nearly 70% of it's bulk.
  • Tiny Pete's legs have been described as being as thick as tree trunks.
  • The hands end in claws.
  • The helmet consists of a snout-like face, glowing crimson eyes and tusks.
  • The voice system will twist a rider's voice into a booming bass.


  • Loyal.
  • Obedient.
  • It's a robot.

Character History[edit]

When Chiaki Matsuda tried to see what her shield could produce other than firearms, it gave out a 15 feet tall and wide metal container covered in strange symbols. Chiaki gave it to Misaka for investigations. Inside was this mobile power armor that Misaka worked on to get combat ready. Misaka named it Tiny Pete and continues to store and maintain it.

Maid to Kill[edit]

Tiny Pete's first activated appearance occurs during the 765 Productions gala, where Chiaki Matsuda encounters Lance Kilgore turning into a Daemon and uses the cross pendant that Misaka gave her with the order to pray and press the hidden button on it.

He is teleported into the mansion, fists increased to almost the size of his body, carrying a giant hammer on his back. Chiaki merely cocks her head at the oncoming demon, upon which Tiny Pete engages the abomination that used to be Lance Kilgore.

The Terminator easily takes the upper hand, smashing hos foe with his fists and giant, electric hammer. During the fight that rages throughout the entire mansion, Tiny Pete loses his right arm, still holding the hammer, one eye, a tusk and sustains heavy damage overall, getting close to elimination. He is saved by Chiaki unloading a full magazine worth of shots from a heavy rifle into Kilgore.

As Chiaki approaches he gets up, requesting new orders. His damage report states that damage levels incurred are critical but stable, that his operational status is impaired but functional, and that teleportation is disabled. He also reports his designation before gathering his lost parts for repair and is later delivered back to Misaka's workshop by Officio personnel.


A day after the mission Misaka has already completed half the repairs, his servos are fixed and the teleport device is operational but in need of fine adjustments. His AI is also improved to only accept orders from Chiaki with Misaka as administrator. He accepts "Captain Murderface" as his ranking officer, following her gesture to fist bump.


Tiny Pete is transported to the R&D base in Siberia by Misaka where she resumes repairs. As the bear hunting trip begins he walks behind the groups vehicle, ready for field testing.

The unexpected appearance of a magical girl leading a horde of bears has Chiaki decide for Tiny Pete to accompany Misaka back to the base with the intent of having him teleported to her side once the engineer is safe.

He later accompanies the reinforcements sent to take Chiaki, Midori and Kharn back to the base when the fight is already over.


After Chiaki's treatment, Misaka is heartbroken at her amnesia and locks herself in her room, placing Tiny Pete in front of the door. When Chiaki approaches, he stops her, stating the area is off limits. He apologizes to "Captain Murderface" and explains that he was especially instructed not to let her in.

Midori & Miracle Midori[edit]

A witch barrier is created inside the R&D base and swallows Chiaki. Midori infiltrates it to rescue her superior while Misaka prepares Tiny Pete for maximum combat output to act as backup inside the manifested nightmare.

Hours after Midori's departure, she eventually calls for the Terminator's support as a huge engagement breaks out. During the encounter Tiny Pete crushes shades with his giant hammer and heavy bolter until Malal tells him to pick up Midori's corpse. upon which he breaks through lines of enemies to retrieve the green haired girl.

When the hammer wielding shade beats the Armored Fragment down, Tiny Pete charges in and impales the opponent with his tusk and crushes the body under his massive foot. He discards his empty bolter gun and picks up the golden hammer instead, wielding it alongside his own, to get back into the fray.

When Kharn regains consciousness, she fights alongside him, wielding the combined Blood God in her remaining hand, and together they effectively fight off their enemies until the end. Back in the real world, Tiny Pete stands guard next to the heavily injured Kharn inside the R&D base's ruined interrogation room, his armor damaged all over, the helmet's tusks broken.

While Chiaki and Midori talk to Kharn, the Warmaster in training requests Tiny Pete to reveal his pilot, expecting to find Souji, but finds the sleeping Misaka instead. Chiaki pulls her out of the cockpit and leaves the room with Midori and the young engineer, leaving Souji and Kharn alone, Tiny Pete deactivated.

Return & Warmaster[edit]

After the events in Siberia, Tiny Pete is disassembled for transport in the Officio's private jet. During flight, Misaka works on his AI core, a wired silver disk attached to his tusked helmet.

Back in Mitakihara, Misaka reassembles the Terminator and installs a huge jump pack. In the evening, he picks the young engineer up from Chiaki's apartment.


  • Tiny Pete is based on a Warhammer 40k Chaos Terminator/Tactical Dreadnought Armor.
  • The insignia on his shoulder plates are markings of the Night Lords legion. Tiny Pete's armor is specifically based on that of the Atramentar in Aaron Dembski-Bowden's Night Lords trilogy.


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