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"Misaka can make you augmetic arm, good as new! With it Murderface can be as strong as TEN gorillas!"

Also Known As... Misaka-chan
First Appearance Thread 9
Organization Ninth Officio
Occupation R&D, Armsdealer, Sniper
Date of Birth May 2

Character Summary[edit]

Misaka is a young girl working as a researcher and armsdealer for the Ninth Officio and is a close friend of Chiaki Matsuda. She has a strong russian accent and is incredibly smart and adept, especially for someone her age.

She supplies Chiaki with some of her equipment and maintains Tiny Pete. Just as many of the technical staff employed by the Ninth, Misaka is not a Magical Girl. She is nontheless considered the best sniper in Kyubey's employ.

Just like her brother Souji, Misaka used to work with the Thirteenth Officio several years ago.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Misaka is still very young and thus rather short.
  • She has umber brown eyes and short brown hair.


  • Misaka is quirky and cheery.
  • She tends to be somewhat volatile.
  • She adores guns and other machinery to the point of worship, kissing and cuddling them.
  • Misaka greatly enjoys Chiakis headpats.
  • She is curious about normal things and what normal people do.

Character History[edit]


Chiaki visits Misaka in her workshop to stock up on equipment for a retirement mission. Misaka shows her progress with the Terminator armor and agrees to assist the magical girl as a sniper during her mission. She picks a high skyscraper as a vantage point and prepares her equipment while Sayaka guards her. On Chiaki's signal, Misaka takes Kirika out with a well placed shot.

Recuperation & Maid to Kill[edit]

Chiaki has a small party with her and Kyoko to celebrate the successful mission. Drunk, the engineer suddenly talks in her sleep, mumbling obscure things before passing out again. The next day she supplies Chiaki with equipment for a bodyguard mission and hands her a cross pendant containing a teleport beacon for the combat ready Terminator armor.

Recruitment & Flight[edit]

Chiaki invites Misaka to accompany her on a trip to Siberia. She happily agrees and shows a great deal of curiosity about things at the airport. On the plane she tells Chiaki about her brother who leads the R&D base they are heading to.

Betrayer & Hunt[edit]

At the base, Misaka argues with Souji and Kharn about various things. She accompanies Chiaki and the others on their hunting trip, happy that Tiny Pete can come, but is sent back when the group finds traces of an enemy magical girl.


Misaka is devastated at finding out that Chiaki forgot about her and blames Souji and Kharn for messing up the procedure. She locks herself into her room for a while but calms down when Chiaki promises to try being a god big sister later.

Midori & Miracle Midori[edit]

When Chiaki is swallowed by a witch barrier, Misaka wants to head in and save her, but is convinced by Midori that doing so would be too dangerous and not what Chiaki would want. She instead prepares Tiny Pete for maximum firepower and keeps in contact with Midori during her infiltration. When the green haired magical girl requests Souji to pilot the Terminator, Misaka knocks him out from behind and controls Tiny Pete herself.

Return & Warmaster[edit]

Misaka returns to Japan with Chiaki and Midori. On the plane, she works on Tiny Pete's AI core, the Terminator itself stored in the cargo hold. In the evening Mami takes her to Chiaki's apartment for a housewarming party.


  • The character design is based on the young Misaka Sister from Toaru Majutsu no Index.
  • Misaka is not her real name. Chiaki forgot, and it has never been mentioned. Why Misaka prefers this name is unknown as well.
  • Misaka often refers to herself as "this one".
  • Mami took her to Disneyland once, Misaka didn't stop talking about Space Mountain for days.


Art by Nicehatguy[edit]