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Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 35
Organization Ninth Officio
Occupation Director of R&D
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

Misaka's brother and the director of the Ninth Officios R&D base in Siberia. He is both scientist and doctor.

Physical Description[edit]

  • He has brown hair naturally, but dyed it white. It reaches down to his shoulders.
  • His eyes are the same brown as Misaka's.


  • Souji is mostly grumpy.
  • He greatly cares about his sister.
  • Kharn describes him as being difficult to deal with and having the consideration of a nuke in a hostage situation.
  • He prefers direct honesty to a face of civility.

Character History[edit]

In his youth, Souji prefered to spend his time with anime and video games and was considered rather undependable. He used to be the personal assistant to Doktor Emma Strauss and Professor Fran Madaraki of the Thirteenth Officio.

Betrayer & Hunt[edit]

Souji immediately dislikes the new Warmaster upon seeing her but thanks her for taking care of his sister Misaka. He treats everyone's wounds after their battle with an enemy magical girl during their hunting trip.

Treatment & Training[edit]

After hearing loud noises in the base, he finds Chiaki unconscious in the elevator and decides to start the scheduled treatment ahead of time. Afterward, Chiaki has a surge of amnesia, for which Misaka blames him. He states this should not happen and explains it should only be temporary. He then leads Chiaki to the base's training area where she is to practice with Kharn.

Midori & Miracle Midori[edit]

During the interrogation of the captured magical girl from earlier, a witch barrier manifests inside the base and swallows Chiaki. Souji prepares equipment for Midori and teleports her inside, keeping watch with his technical equipment while Misaka prepares Tiny Pete.

They contact each other several times over the course of many hours until Midori asks him to pilot Tiny Pete to talk down Kharn, who escaped the base's silent room after losing her mind. He agrees but is knocked out by his sister and only wakes up after everything is over. He talks to the injured Kharn and makes her accept staying alive, living with him.

Malal Flashback[edit]

Souji is part of the team that altered Ekaterina Valnikov, but wants to get the girl out of captive slavery and experimentation. Malal infiltrates Varrigan City to rescue her and convinces Souji to help. He sedates Ekaterina to prevent Strauss from making her go berserk remotely and carries the unconscious girl, following the Culexus outside.

They make their way to the docks, interrupted by Strauss and one of her experiments that Malal manages to defeat, and reach the Thirteenth Officio's flagship, now under the control of Chief Director Madaraki. Souji assists in the procedure of removing Ekaterina's control implants after Malal assures that he was useful.


  • Souji's character design is based on Accelerator from Toaru Majutsu no Index.
  • He is considered a marksman equal to his sister, but gave up on hunting after breaking his nose with a particularily large caliber rifle.
  • His hobbies consist of reading and proving people wrong on the internet.