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"We were monsters before we were magical girls."

Wendy Cooldown
Profile-Wendy Cooldown.png
Also Known As... Miss Wendy Motherfucker, Vomit-tan, Checkers
First Appearance Thread 84
Organization Church of the Golden Land, Formerly Eighth Officio
Rank Apostle, Formerly Callidus Prima and Aide to the Warmaster, as well as second-in-command of the Wonderland Corps. Eversor Division
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Creation
Weapon Kitchen knife with no name, customized beam katana with beam crossguard 'Bad Dream'
Height 170cm
Date of Birth December 28th, 20XX (currently approx. 20 years old)

Wendy Cooldown, a mysterious and murderous acquaintance from Chiaki's muddy past as Murderface. She's supposed to be dead - she isn't. That seems to happen a lot these days.

Character Summary

Callidus. Sleepy American. Dream-flavored reality warper. Serial killer waifu.

Physical Description

  • A moderately-tall American girl of part-Irish descent.
  • She has a pale complexion with a small smattering of freckles that appear during the summer.
  • She has dark bags under her eyes and looks constantly exhausted. Some would say 'haunted'.
  • Her eyes are a coppery red-brown, roughly the same color as her hair.
  • As a patient in the Helms Center and as a rookie magical girl, her hair was cropped short and messy.
  • Currently, she leaves it in pigtails or a long braid. It fluffs out a little if it isn't cut or tied, giving her a decidedly sleepy look.
  • Her build is fairly average, leaning slightly toward muscular, with the exception of her butt, enhanced(?) by years of fast food.
  • Regardless of whether she's in-costume or not, she seems to have a deep love of a certain checkerboard motif, as well as pale reds and pinks. Most of her clothes have a small black and white checker patch, which she'd lazily define as a window.
  • Her Soul Gem is an egg-shaped, pink-white pearl formerly set in bronze, and now set in an amalgam of metals. Typically it's clipped to her scarf.


  • Wendy is, for the most part, a quiet but grouchy girl, characterized by a snarky attitude and a certain eagerness to stab.
  • As a Callidus, Wendy is naturally predisposed toward stealthy work, but because of her nature and the way she was trained, she would be better described as an assassin than an infiltrator.
  • Apparently she's worked to overcome a serious issue with anthrophobia, and her uneasiness with people still shows when she's upset, usually in the form of violent aggression.
  • It can be difficult for others to differentiate between the people Wendy likes and the people she doesn't based on her behavior, which is somewhat antagonistic in most cases.

Character History

A former Callidus Rank Leader and, in her words, 'Ghetto Equerry' of the Eighth, Wendy's been in the game for a long, long time. She was contracted out of the Helms Center for Mental and Psychological Wellness nearly seven years before Chiaki Matsuda's amnesiac awakening at the beginning of MGNQ and was quickly recruited as a protégée of the current Warmaster at the time, Dahlia Marigold, along with Mary Sue and Annie May Springfield. The three of them would go on to become a driving force in the Officio with their collective strength and charisma.

A few months after Girl A was found in a witch's barrier and made a mess of several Third Officio squads, she and Wendy became acquainted, and after a time romantically engaged. This continued up to Wendy's death over a year later, though a page torn from Wendy's diary implies that she was planning to retire and propose several months later.

The Death and Return of Wendy Cooldown

In September of 20XX, roughly five to six months before the events of Magical Girl Noir Quest, Wendy was killed in an encounter with Nicole Touchdown, apparently consumed by the Golden Mask. Through a series of yet-to-be-explained circumstances, however, Pinky revived her, and the Wonderland Corps. split off to form the Church of the Golden Land, wherein Wendy now holds the dubious rank of Apostle.

She and Chiaki became acquainted again through a series of dreams after Chiaki and Midori's barrier adventure in Siberia, and is implied to be the temporary head of the Mitakihara branch of the Church of the Golden Land.

NECO Profile

NAME: Wendy Cooldown
	“…You’re going to sell this, aren’t you.”
OFFICIO: Eighth, in Santa Destroy
RANK: Aide to the Eighth Warmaster, Callidus Prima, ‘White Rabbit’ of the Wonderland Corps.
BIO: A veteran magical girl that’s gone through specialized Callidus and Eversor training. Wendy is looked up to by most of the girls in the Eighth as a killer and as a fighter, and is one of the most reliable agents its leadership turns to for accomplishing important tasks. Apparently multilingual, she’s started to act as a diplomat for the Eighth as well, providing a cool counterpoint to the Springfield Sisters.
ABILITY: Creation of a large number of visualized objects or creatures, used in conjunction with standard Callidus training for body modification.
WEAPONRY: A long, ever-present chef’s knife and a heavily-customized beam katana with beam crossguard.

	MELEE 		 S+


-Wendy has a close personal relationship with UAA ace Nicole Touchdown. The two have fought dozens of times on and off-duty, though which is the superior fighter is shrouded in mystery.

-She imports every volume of Miracle Midori x Murder Mayumi as it comes out, claiming that the version they get in the US is a ‘joke’. They stay hidden in a ‘shrine-like part of her closet’, according to our US agent!

-That may be because she’s got a saucy inter-Officio relationship with Murderface herself. This intrepid reporter finds that extremely unlikely, but the sources say what the sources say…


Deceased as of September of last year, KIA in an altercation with a high-ranking member of the United Assassins Association. The loss sent ripples through Santa Destroy’s mercenary scene and sparked a new, albeit short-lived conflict with the UAA resulting in more high-profile deaths on both sides.
*OUTDATED (2 years)*
NAME: Wendy Cooldown
	“…Fuck off. I’ll shove that thing down your throat.”
OFFICIO: Eighth, in Santa Destroy
RANK: Aide to the Eighth Warmaster, Callidus Prima, ‘White Rabbit’ of the Wonderland Corps.
BIO: A quiet girl that’s been one of the Warmaster’s aides almost since contracting. Typically regarded with some trepidation by other magical girls in the Eighth, Wendy is actually one of the go-to people for Getting Things Done there. At least, if one needs to Get Things Done without leveling a city block. Apparently a girl of many natural talents.
ABILITY: Creation of a large number of visualized objects or creatures, used in conjunction with standard Callidus training for body modification.
WEAPONRY: A long chef’s knife and ellipsis moe.

-According to rumor, Wendy Cooldown is an escapee from the Helms Center for Mental and Psychological Wellness. Is that really how they do things in America?

-Early in her career, Wendy Cooldown appeared on a popular American television show, Deathwatch, along with other up-and-comers from the United Assassins Association and the Ninth Officio.

-She used to work part-time at a Chinese restaurant, scaring off Triads and delivering spring rolls. Xie xie!


  • Wendy's appearance and abilities are heavily derived from Madotsuki, the protagonist of the surreal, exploration-based horror game Yume Nikki.
  • Her unique ability is the creation or alteration of matter from dreamspace. As it's a power manifested partially by her subconscious, however, she doesn't always have full control over it. Her trademark kitchen knife is manifested this way, and she frequently uses it to create a broom with which to fly or to alter her physical appearance and the properties of her body. She can also create physical or semi-physical beings, but rarely does so voluntarily for a variety of reasons.
  • Wendy's favorite flowers are blue roses. blue roses
  • On her neck, she has a tattoo of the Wonderland Corps. emblem; it's usually hidden by her scarf, however.
  • Although she and Chiaki were romantically entangled in the past, she seems to have a wandering eye, and a noted, possibly unhealthy interest in Mami Tomoe.
  • She and Amber Nakajima are apparently best friends, to whatever extent either is capable of that, and purportedly former roommates.


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