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The information on this page is collected from write-up, PMs, hearsay, and conjecture. Take it with a grain of salt.

The Eighth Officio in Santa Destroy. Former home of Wendy Cooldown.

Officio Summary[edit]

The Officio in control of large territories, centered on the USA, and the Americas in general. It is known worldwide for its unscrupulous and straightforward business practices, backed by superior firepower. Much like the USA, it wants a slice of every pie, and often sticks its nose where it may not necessarily belong. If the Eighth wants something, they will get it in the end, through applying pressure on every front, legally, economically, and physically.

Officio At A glance[edit]

  • Officio Nickname = Assassins, Americans, Burgers
  • Location = Santa Destroy, USA
  • Specialty = Wetwork, Imperialism
  • Incubator = Eightball
  • Current Warmaster = Mary Sue Springfield
  • Disposition = ~1000-2000 Magical Girls *
  • Personnel Distribution = Many Eversors, Vindicare and Callidus. Few Venenum, Vanus, and Culexus.
  • The Eighth is stated to be as large and formidable as the Ninth, and Kyubey seems to consider it an equal one to his own. This is somewhat odd, considering that the Ninth houses two thousand magical girls possibly to accommodate for the absorption of the Third. It's possible that the Eighth had absorbed another Officio as well, or simply has enough material or technological potential to match the Ninth's sheer numbers in possible wartime.

Officio Organization[edit]

Outsiders claim that the Eighth operates like a mafia, a lot of it working on companionship, good faith, and keeping the underdogs under, making it not much different from the likes of Tenth in that regard. The operatives of Eighth, however, will deny this, saying it's much worse: Unlike other such organizations, they have the freedom of speech to voice their dissent with what they have to put up with without repercussions, but no one will listen.

The Eighth does not actually cooperate with any criminal organizations, however. Rather, one might say that it functions much like a dominant one in relatively broad daylight, and knocks any daring competitors in any field out of the ballpark before they can open their mouths.


The particular details of Hachibey's activity before the Officio system are unknown. It is easy to imagine that he was involved in the American politics of the twentieth century, much like other Incubators elsewhere.

It has gone through several upheavals in command structure within its short existence. The first (and only) previous Warmaster we know of is Dahlia Marigold. Dahlia was known to be powerful, but had violent tantrums, and kept many aides among the Officio's high-ranking staff to accommodate her many needs. She has resigned on her position as a Warmaster two years before the start of the Quest, passing the torch to the then Vindicare Rank Leader, presently still the Warmaster, Mary Sue Springfield.

At some point after the recent Walpurgisnacht, Mary's sister, Annie May Springfield, seemingly left the Officio, finally surfacing with her own organization, Church of the Golden Land, which she seems to have been working on for some time. Specific details of this event are as of yet unknown, but it seems to have been a disaster for the Officio, possibly robbing it of many Magical Girls. Eightball's stance on it is unknown as well.

Behind the Name[edit]

All Officios have 'Assassin' in their name, but Eighth is the only one that accepts it as a moniker. This could be either due to Eightball's ambition of being 'the realest nigga' (exact quote), or a reminder to its operatives to keep things business-like.

Alternatively, since the Officio system has only been universally adopted ten years before the Quest's start, it may be the case that the Eight has in fact been one of the first to adopt it long before then, thus keeping the 'Assassin' part of 'Officio Assassinorum'.

Regardless, the Eighth still fancies itself to specialize in wetwork, and competes with the United Assassin's Association for many job opportunities. The feud with this group has lasted as long as both the organizations exist, with neither being wiped out, and many of the competing operatives instead growing familiar with each other (case in point: Wendy Cooldown and Nicole Touchdown). The UAA is thus either very formidable, or Eightball believes this sort of competition is healthy for his operatives.


Considering its immense area of operation, the Eighth may be the most ethnically diverse Officio of all, perhaps a bit short on asians. This may or may not lead to tensions, considering everyone is the same under Eightball's iron paw. The members of the Eighth are known to fight among themselves a lot, often literally, but mostly over petty, temporary issues. They are a very rowdy and loud sort, much like the Sixth.

In fact, operatives of the Eighth are known for being rude in the presence of strangers, greedy, lavish when they can get away with it, fond of aggressively chewing bubble gum, and overall less than sane. This is mostly due to the tough love Officio culture enforcing such behavior, though, rather than Eightball contracting already unstable girls.

Another thing to note is the Officio's modus operandi making it much easier to publicly approach. There is still much secrecy, but more than anywhere else, it may be possible for a civilian to hear a rumor of wish-granting, and approach the organization, or one of its operatives directly, asking to be contracted. The result of such action would naturally depend on their aptitude - if Eightball finds them to have no potential, wiping their memory will be easy, and the Officio is not above disposing of an especially troublesome civilian, either.


The Eighth likes to station its operatives overseas, and generally meddle in affairs they seemingly have no stake in, much like modern day USA. It's possible for an Incubator to hush such operatives off their turf, but just as often, they will be grateful for a few pairs of extra hands. As a result, it is not odd to encounter an operative of the Eighth basically anywhere in the world, looking for opportunities. As Eightball always keeps full states, he will try to fill gaps in other Officios ran by more picky Incubators, and gain a bit of influence in their organizations. Some argue that, after the recent Walpurgisnacht, when most Officios were left in a desolate state, Eightball may have spread his forces too thin doing this, resulting in him being unprepared for the following disaster.

Miscellaneous Information[edit]

  • The Eighth seems to be very meritocratic. It is a very rich Officio, but a Vanus like Eleanor Slam found it extremely draining, and worked for minimal wage. Since this is later stated to have been a result of a mistake committed in the Officio's higher echelons, it's likely the case that regular employees are paid decently, as long as they are loud enough about being paid at all.
  • Kyubey considers it a possibility that the Eighth would one day rebel against the First. From this, and the Officio's general demeanor, it can probably be considered a rather disloyal one.


  • Great majority of anything written about the Eighth is in the works of Wendy Cooldown, though the Officio is a mainstay in both the quest proper and other writeups and fanfiction.
  • The main pop-cultural influences for the Officio are americana, the No More Heroes series (especially in regards to Wendy), and noir works of the very pulpy sort. If it would not be out of place in a Quentin Tarantino movie, it is probably alright in the Eighth.
  • At the same time, there is also the slight bit of idealism found in western, and of course, the american dream. There is a romantic side to the violence.

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