Kyoko Sakura

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Kyoko Sakura
Profile-Kyouko Sakura.png
Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 2
Organization Ninth Officio
Rank Eversor
Occupation Magical Girl
Weapon Sectioned Spear
Date of Birth May 9 (currently about 17-18 years old)

Character Summary

Physical Description

  • A japanese girl with long red hair usually tied up as a ponytail.
  • She lost the left of her crimson eyes and covers the area where it used to be with a tsuba eyepatch.
  • Kyoko has canine like fangs.
  • Her soul gem is a crimson ellipse fit onto her chest area in an eye like frame.


  • Kyoko is open and friendly to just about everyone and tries easing the mood whenever possible.
  • She likes animals, enough to enjoy petting the feline alien that is her Incubator.

Character History


In a flashback taking place on Christmas one year prior to the quest starting point, Kyoko plans a Secret Santa event and Christmas dinner, but the Officio's leading members cancel it in favor of preparing for the appearance of Walpurgisnacht one month later.

Angry about her friends decision, she heads off to buy presents for everyone, taking Yuma along on her shopping trip for Maximum Christmas. In the mall they split up to speed the process up and Kyoko meets Oriko and Kirika, the former helping her out in choosing a suitable set of underwear for Sayaka.

Confused about her attraction to the bright haired girl, Kyoko asks Yuma to take care of Mami's gift since she doesn't know anything about tea herself and chooses Murderface's gifts while talking to Sayaka on the phone. Meeting up with Yuma again, she buys a cat tower and catnip for Kyubey before sending her friend off to get the car, acquiring another gift for the young Culexus.

Back at the Officio Kyoko hands out her gifts: a tea set and premium tea for Mami, pineapple salad for Malal, a skull servitor personal assistant for Kharn and the pet items for Kyubey. She then moves on to Murderface's quarters and hands her a bomber jacket, a pack of cigarettes and three bottles of Kong whiskey.

Before leaving the Officio, she gives Yuma a pet tortoise. At home she has a talk with Sayaka and gives her the fancy underwear.


  • For unknown reasons Kyoko is able to withstand the Culexus anti-magic aura. She used this fact to frequently visit Yuma.
  • She is also able to use the Culexus' pulsing ability to send and receive psychic messages. Both of these abilities are kept secret from everyone else.
  • She taught Yuma the basics of being a magical girl.
  • Despite her love for Sayaka, Kyoko is infatuated with Oriko Mikuni and has to forcibly restrain herself from falling for her.

NECO Profile

NAME: Sakura Kyouko
	"Hey…You gonna eat that? …I’m just makin’ sure it doesn’t go to waste, is all.”
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Eversor, Aide to the Warmaster
BIO: A veteran magical girl of varied talents whose skills are applicable most anywhere. Because of her simple and cheery personality, she’s often overlooked in favor of more ‘professional’ magical girls, but she’s a force to be reckoned with when she sets her mind to something. She also has potential as a leader, but her blunt nature holds her back a bit.
ABILITY: Primarily support techniques, with an emphasis on illusions and barriers.
WEAPONRY: An extendable chain-spear.



-Sakura has kind of a food fixation…well, some people would call it a charm point, but not even Magical Girls Are Real has spotted her without some kind of snack. Maybe they're for kids she meets?

-She and Miki Sayaka are lovers…but between the two of them, Kyouko is a lot more mature. Someone advised this reporter once that it’s people like Sakura that hold Officios together. She said we’d probably be good friends, too…

-Certain channels say a few other Officios are hoping to snap Sakura Kyouko up and push her toward her full potential. Can you really get much better than the Murderers, though?


Art by Deculture

Art by Nicehatguy