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Thread 2
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Posted on: 20 June 2012
E-book title: Chiaki Matsuda II
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A currently drunk and slightly amnesiac magical girl gets another to smoke and hallucinates.

Appearing Characters[edit]

Chiaki, Kyouko, Faust


An amnesiac Magical Girl muses on her memories; how some of them are blurry and indistinct while others are startlingly clear. The clearest of them being how she shot a smiling pink haired girl in the face right after she had torn her heart out with clawed hands.

Chiaki somehow ended up at her favorite bar after helping Mami clean up her apartment. She recalls that she decided to leave for a breath of fresh air after she got fed up with Sayaka glaring at her and Kyubey lecturing her, so she naturally ended up at her favorite bar - a small, nameless bar in the red-light district usually referred to by the name of its owner: Charles's Bar. Chiaki has an envelope with her current assignment inside, but before she can get around to reading it, Kyouko Sakura arrives and Chiaki immediately thinks that her night has taken a turn for the worse.

Attempting to ignore Kyouko proves useless as she continues to pester Chiaki with friendly concern until the latter relents relents and they start talking. Chiaki makes a jab at Kyouko's relationship with Sayaka, which results in forced laughter, spluttering denials of any such relationship, and threats of violent retribution. Kyouko explains that they're going through a rough patch at the moment and they drop the subject. Chiaki instead takes a jab at Kyouko's eating habits and the red-head replies that she's trying to quit eating so much because her costume has begun to feel tight lately. Believing that cigarettes will help her lose weight, she asks for one from Chiaki. While Kyouko coughs and splutters, Chiaki moves on to read the mission dossier.

Kyubey has assigned Chiaki to a security mission, where she'll be working as a bodyguard for the idol Iori Minase until she finishes her upcoming concert and leaves for America for the next stage of her World Tour. A group of otaku have threatened to kidnap her, and her agency is adamant that she requires additional security. Kyouko mentions that while the job seems simple, the otaku are a bad sort who have already gotten through security once before and gang-raped another of the agency's idols while broadcasting the deed to the web. Chiaki decides to take up the mission and Kyouko urges her to kill oneof them on camera to raise their Officio's exposure. Before Chiaki can reply, however, she feels an intense migraine and starts to hallucinate.

Kyouko is replaced by a girl with pink hair and black eyes. The girl from Chiaki's memory and nightmares. The hallucination addresses her simply as 'Homura-chan' and Chiaki replies sarcastically, complaining about her amnesia and asking what she wants. The pink-haired girl seems amused by this and tells Chiaki that her memory is obviously going to be faulty because: "Fakes will never be as good as the original...". The hallucination then proceeds to warn Chiaki that she'll die in her upcoming mission if she's not careful, mentioning that she doesn't want Chiaki to die too soon as she's still anticipating their rematch. Chiaki gives a scathing answer again, telling the hallucination that she's already dead. The phantasm seems to be momentarily bewildered by this reply before she ends up smiling again and saying that she can still kill Chiaki. Chiaki is immediately assaulted by familiar sense of immense pain and she clutches at her head until the hallucination disappears and the torture ends. She looks up and realizes that Kyouko's voice had broken her free of the hallucination and she feels relieved to see her for once. The red-head proceeds to ask Chiaki what the hell that was all about, mentioning that she'd been browling strange things under her breath and that she should cut down on whatever she's taking. Chiaki brushes off the implications and instead asks about what she'd been saying under her breath.

Kyouko replies that Chiaki had been growling about 'The Flesh of Fallen Angels'.

Chiaki's blood runs cold at the phrase. She breaks loose of Kyouko's hold on her wrist, picking up her assignment papers and preparing to leave. She thinks on the ominous phrase and comes to realize that it hadn't been a hallucination; God exists and she wants her dead. Kyouko screams after Chiaki, but Chiaki ignores her as she leaves towards the hotel where her new mission will take place.


  • Chiaki "solved" a nasty problem for Charles involving some Yakuza starting a gunfight in his bar. [1]
  • It is implied by the choices in this scene that Kyouko set Chiaki on fire at some point in the past. [2]
  • Kyouko says that if Chiaki makes another crack at her relationship with Sayaka, she'll ambush her herself, implying that Chiaki has been ambushed by others before. [3]

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