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Thread 3
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Posted on: 21 June 2012
E-book title: Iori Minase I
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A painfully sober and slightly amnesiac magical girl crushes the pride of several security men and meets with her principal in a bodyguard gig.

Appearing Characters[edit]

Chiaki, Iori, Yayoi


Chiaki arrives at the hotel and notes to herself that security is sparse, finding no traces of any guards at the entrance or elevators. She takes one of the elevators up to the penthouse floor, where she is supposed to report in, and finds that the entire corridor leading up to the penthouse suite is guarded by men in black suits. One of the guards steps up to Chiaki and orders her to leave immediately. Chiaki somehow manages to maintain her self-control and hands the guard over the contract papers identifying her as Iori Minase's personal bodyguard. The guard checks the papers carefully and let's Chiaki pass, stating that they're in high alert and taking the threat to Iori's life seriously.

Scoffing at this comment, Chiaki tells the guard that if they were really taking it seriously then they would have locked the hotel down tighter. The guard bristles at these comments and tells Chiaki that adding guards on the lobby would just attract attention so they decided to concentrate their efforts by guarding the penthouse floor only instead. Chiaki, however, is having none of it and slams the guard into the elevator doors behind her while insisting that security be tightened across the hotel. The guard, in pain from nearly having his arm twisted, agrees to call in another team. Chiaki, now satisfied, pulls the guard back up on his feet and gives him a cigarette and a smile before heading to the idol's suite.

Knocking on the door, Chiaki receives no reply and begins to think that the room might already be compromised. Shoving the door open, she cases the room and notices Iori coming out of the bathroom, clothed only in a towel. The idol regards Chiaki with an icy expression of distaste and calls for guards to remove "this pungent little urchin" from her suite. Chiaki, despite feeling annoyed at this attitude, once again manages to maintain her self-control, closing the door before properly introducing herself to her client. Iori is not impressed but decides that Chiaki looks capable enough, telling her that she will not tolerate smoking in her room and that she should make use of the bathroom as she stinks. Feeling increasingly annoyed, Chiaki declines and states that she's not here to make Iori comfortable but to protect her from rapists. Iori, on the other hand, orders Chiaki to at least brush her teeth, to which Chiaki agrees in order to avoid a screaming match. Looking around the bathroom as she brushes her teeth, Chiaki notices that Iori is not very tidy as she'd left some used panties on the floor. She briefly considers stealing them and selling them for painkillers before berating herself and leaving the bathroom.

Back in the hotel suite, Iori asks Chiaki if the reason she's here is because her superiors fear that she might also be raped as Yayoi Takatsuki was. In a rare show of concern, Chiaki attempts to reassure her and calm the younger girl as she searches through the room. Iori calms down slightly and thanks Chiaki for her concern. Continuing the conversation to distract herself from her parched throat, Chiaki asks about Yayoi. Iori seems to hesitate for a moment before describing how her friend used to be someone who loved everyone but changed drastically after her attack. Iori starts crying and Chiaki apologizes, handing her a box of tissues to clean her face up with. Iori thanks her, surprised at her kindness, and apologizes for being so harsh on her initially, stating that she already had to fire three guards for trying to steal her panties. Hearing this, Chiaki replies in a deadpan joke which seems to alleviate Iori's mood and makes her laugh.

A knock on the door interrupts the moment and one of the guards announces a surprise visitor, identifying herself as Yayoi Takatsuki. Iori confirms that they had talked about visitng each other one last time before her trip to America and asks for Chiaki to please let her in...


  • At this point, Chiaki doesn't remember the name of Kyubey's agency. [1]
  • Chiaki avoids introducing herself as a Magical Girl because they're still mostly an urban legend.[2]
  • First time that someone takes a dig at Chiaki's height. [3]
  • Iori's sleep wear is described as "an outfit girls of her age should probably not be wearing". [4]
  • Chiaki suddenly remembers how at one time seeing others cry would reduce her to tears as well, but things have changed since then [5]
  • Chiaki is more annoyed that the guards got caught stealing panties than by the fact that they stole them to begin with [6]

Associated Illustrations[edit]