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Thread 4
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Posted on: 22 June 2012
E-book title: Iori Minase II
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A painfully sober and slightly amnesiac magical girl with minty fresh breath secures the room and things go badly from there.

Appearing Characters[edit]

Chiaki, Iori, Yayoi, Faust


Chiaki, once again in a bad mood, thinks to herself that she really is much too sober for this assignment and gets ready to deny entry. However, Iori pleads insistently before Chiaki can voice any arguments about compromising security, saying that her friend is completely harmless and afraid of everyone since her attack. Placing a dainty hand on Chiaki’s scarred Shield, Iori begs her to please not think ill of her friend.

Chiaki relents and orders Iori to stand behind her while she confirms the situation outside the door, warning the idol that she’ll let her friend in but that she shouldn’t expect more from her. Iori thanks her and stands aside as Chiaki opens the door slightly. Everything is normal outside, the guards are standing at their posts and the hulking guard that Chiaki had previously roughed up is escorting Yayoi. Chiaki remarks to herself how tiny the auburn haired girl looks standing next to the muscular guard; a haunted and tired shadow of her former self. She opens the door further to allow entry. Yayoi is alarmed at the sight of Chiaki while the guard scowls at her. Chiaki points at the idol and waves her in. Yayoi looks up at the guard uncertainly before stepping forward gingerly, cautiously at which point Chiaki loses her patience and grabs the girl roughly by the wrist, nearly making her cry, and yanks her into the room as she slams the door.

Yayoi nearly stumbles over her feet as she’s dragged into the room, crying out in fear and surprise. Iori protests that Chiaki is hurting her friend, but the black-haired girl is focused on patting down the room’s newest guest, searching her for weapons. Chiaki is so focused on her job that she does not notice Iori walking up to her until she feels the stinging slap on her cheek. Iori is screaming now, taking the crying and terrified Yayoi into her arms, as she berates Chiaki for going back on what they had agreed on.

Chiaki voices a lame apology, stating that she just wanted to make sure. Iori, however, is having none of it and goes on to say that there was absolutely no reason to manhandle her friend like some piece of meat. Iori continues to berate Chiaki as Yayoi cries. The dark-haired girl remains quiet at this, thinking that she could really use a drink right about now. Iori's tirade winds down with one final glare before she guides Yayoi towards the bed, whispering comforting words in her ear and wiping her tears. Chiaki merely stares at the scene before her in a confused manner before heading towards a nearby chair to keep watch. Before she can sit down, however, she is interrupted by Iori calling out to her.

"Get out of my room, Matsuda-san."

Refusing the idol's command, Chiaki once again states that she's not here to make her happy but to keep her safe. Iori, still angry, manages to regain control of her temper and accuses Chiaki of not treating her like a human being. The idol states that Chiaki may remain in the room to earn her paycheck, but that she'd better not be around in the morning - Chiaki's services wont be needed for protecting her until her flight's departure. Iori promises to call Kyubey in the morning to have another agent sent and summarily dismisses Chiaki to a far corner of the room, away from herself and Yayoi. Chiaki once again refuses Iori's orders, stating that the apology is the only concession that she'll be getting out of her - bedside watch is going to happen no matter what Iori wants and that she'd better learn to ignore Chiaki's presence. Iori replies that she pities Chiaki because she's allowed herself to become a person that can't even understand why others are angry at her. She doesn't know if she should be more frightened of the otaku rapists threatening her life or the girl that she's paying to protect it. Relenting, Iori says that Chiaki should stand watch on her side of the bed as she doesn't want the bespectacled girl anywhere near Yayoi.

Leaving the girls alone, Chiaki heads towards the door and asks for the guard standing outside to give her a headset. The guard initially smirks at her but hands her his own headset after receiving a murderous glare. Chiaki snatches it out of his grasp and slams the door shut on his face, earning herself another glare from Iori. Ignoring the idol, the bespectacled girl unfolds the headset and listens in on the patrol banter. Satisfied after a few moments, she looks back towards the bed and notices that her principal is getting... busy... under the sheets. She decides to give them as much privacy as possible, standing near the door and waiting for them to fall asleep. Once finished, she heads towards a chair near the bedside, feeling slightly jealous. Chiaki almost immediately finds that the chair is almost too comfortable and, fearing that she might fall asleep, decides to send Mami a text message to keep herself occupied.

Chiaki breaks up her message into several parts, asking if she's alright, telling her situation and asking for advice on how to patch things up with Iori. Confirming that the message was sent properly, Chiaki decides to grab a coffee from the refrigerator on the other side of the room without waking up her principal. She stands up from her chair and stops time. Immediately, she notices the pink-haired girl standing in the middle of the room, smiling at her.

Suddenly, Chiaki doesn't need coffee anymore.

Quickly checking her surroundings, Chiaki makes sure that Iori is still asleep in the bed and that her time-stop is working properly. Everything is in order, except for the black-eyed apparition beckoning her to come close. Canceling her time-stop ability, the pink-haired girl disappears and Chiaki heads back to her chair, no longer feeling sleepy. Once again aware of just how tired she really feels, she hears a beep announcing that a text message has just been received. The message reads:

"Wake up."'

Feeling annoyed at the cryptic passive-aggresive message, Chiaki calls the number back and what she hears is something unexpected: a female voice screaming for help, high pitched laughter and high caliber gunshots. After a moment, the line goes dead and Chiaki notices that a stark naked Yayoi is standing before her. Murmuring Iori's name, she clambers unto Chiaki's lap while she's too stunned to react...


  • Chiaki has a low opinion of idols considering them to be "vapid, hypersexualized pop icons that exemplify everything that is wrong with today's society" [1]
  • Chiaki sleeps on a futon rather than a western style bed [2]

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