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"Are you mad? You look mad, nya."

Anon - inecosx2.jpg
Also Known As... Izumi Tetsuo
First Appearance Thread 116
Organization Magical Girls are Real
Occupation Journalist
Height 167cm
Date of Birth December 25 (currently about 18 years old)

Character Summary[edit]

Izumi "NECO" Tetsuo is a non-magical girl character who knows a great deal about magical girls. As a self-styled reporter, she makes it her duty to inform the world, via her Chripee account, about various magical girls and the events surrounding them. She is not officially associated with any Officio.

Physical Description[edit]

  • A Japanese girl with short blonde hair and crimson eyes.
  • She wears a long-sleeved white jacket with a short purple miniskirt.
  • Her figure is similar to that of Mami and Midori, but described as more athletic.
  • Carries a notepad, a DSLR camera, a smartphone, a stun gun, and a purse.


  • NECO is very confident and likes to lead people on to get what she wants. An angry person is more likely to slip up, and to spill information.
  • She is determined to do everything she can to get a scoop, which has gotten her in trouble before.
  • Her speech contains catlike noises such as "meow" and "nya". She is aware of this, and can stop at any time.
  • Her tweets hint at a minor sadistic streak.

Character History[edit]

Case Log - Rabbit-Face[edit]

Intepid reporter NECO harasses everybody's favorite blueberry and tasers a rogue magical girl.

Case Log - Kharn[edit]

Agile reporter NECO escapes from a horde of familiars and The Betrayer's rape den.


Stealthy reporter NECO appears for the first time and leaves behind a calling card.

Concert (Chirpee only)[edit]

Baffled reporter NECO freaks the fuck out after seeing Chiaki use her new golden toys.


Action reporter NECO doggedly (cattedly?) pursues her target and puts a candid camera moment on the web for all to see. Kumatora and Kyoko throw her in a trunk.


Captive reporter NECO infuriates Chiaki, hints at an untold story between her and Malal, and seals a deal. Her assistant clogs her Chirpee feed with idol porn while she's away.


  • NECO's appearance is based on Arcueid Brunestud from the Tsukihime visual novel, her outfit a combination of how she appeared in the original VN and how she appeared in the Melty Blood spinoff. The super deformed version seen in her note, and her cat-like motif, references NECO-Arc from the same series.
  • Her Chirpee account refers to a Twitter account, @MGsAreReal, where her profiles of various characters are posted.
  • NECO's profiles are based on hearsay and her own opinion of the person.
  • She mentions a "filthy assistant" whose identity is strongly hinted to be Noriko. The assistant is responsible for most of the idol profiles.


Art by Deculture[edit]

Art by Anon[edit]