Noriko Karasawa

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" could I mess up something s-so simple? Ruri-san's going to give me the box because of this..."

Noriko Karasawa
Also Known As... Deepthroat, Filthy Assistant
First Appearance Thread 103
Occupation M-Idol
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

  • Noriko has unruly, greasy black hair and green eyes with dark rings under them.
  • She is rather short.
  • She easily sweats a lot.


  • Noriko is socially anxious to the extreme.
  • She is almost always nervous, making her voice insecure and shaky and her body trembling.
  • Her demeanor makes it easy for people to miss her presence until she makes herself noticed.

Character History[edit]

Noriko is a daughter of the noble Karasawa family, which makes her Enishi's sister. Unlike her other sisters, she is not a magical girl, but an idol. Her family disapproves of her career choice, but her brother seems to support her regardless. She is also secretly the assistant of the novice reporter known as NECO.


The M-idol Noriko is hired by Ruri Kirishima as a personal assistant during her time in Mitakihara. One of her tasks is handing a ticket to a rigged lottery to Chiaki to make sure the magical girl is chosen as the special fan to accompany the super idol for the duration of the promotional livestream and concert.

Noriko is constantly nervous, but Chiaki tries her best to calm her down and even starts to befriend the strange girl. Ruri on the other hand treats her as the servant she was hired to be, and even punishes her by making Noriko stay inside a box for messing up.

The next day, Chiaki has another conversation with Noriko, where she explains what she is doing as an M-idol and invites her to see one of her own shows at some point.

At night, Noriko encounters her sister Enishi, who works as a magical girl under Chiaki. She is still inside the box and too tense to talk to her much, especially since Enishi shows her a very cold attitude.


Noriko accompanies Ruri for the entire duration of the concert, carrying the camera for the livestream when she is not taking care of other chores. She also accompanies Ruri on her flight the day after the concert.


  • Noriko is based on Tomoko Kuroki from “Watamote”.