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Thread 1
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Posted on: 16 June 2012
E-book title: Chiaki Matsuda I
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A previously drunk and slightly amnesiac magical girl smokes cigs and witches.

Appearing Characters[edit]

Chiaki, Mami, Sayaka, Kyubey


An amnesiac Magical Girl wakes up to find that she fell asleep in her costume again. She thinks back on how this used to matter at one point and realizes that she doesn't even care anymore. She's tired, feels like shit, and has forgotten her own name for the second time in a week.

She decides to call herself Chiaki Matsuda. The name's a bit too cutesy for her liking, but serviceable enough.

Chiaki starts off her day by inspecting the Shield strapped to her arm and finds that it's heavily scarred; the jewel in the center is cracked and the gears inside are clearly visible. For a brief moment she wonders if she's Captain America, but decides it would be cooler to be Iron Man instead since she's already an alcoholic anyway. Chiaki proceeds to check her inventory and finds that she's holding some painkillers, one pack of cigarettes, a lighter, two 100 dollar bills and her trusty combat knife.

She also has a cellphone.

The first thing she notices about the phone is that she has two messages and a diary function that is locked away. The messages appear listed as sent by [QB] and [???], two of her contacts.

  • QB's Message reads: "Make your way to Mami's apartment as soon as you wake up."
  • ???'s Message reads: "Let it go. Seriously. It's time to move on."

She decides that the final message is probably just spam and ignores it, calling Mami instead, but not before replying to QB's message with a dickbutt drawing. Mami picks up the phone after a few rings, apologizing as she does so because she doesn't recognize the number. Chiaki replies, giving her chosen name, and Mami comments that it's a pretty name and much better than her previous one: Murderface. The reason for the message was apparently to pick up a new assignment and Mami sweetens the deal by offering breakfast. After some chiding from Mami about her eating habits, Chiaki decides to arm herself, just in case, and makes her way over to the apartment only to find that there are muffled screams coming from inside.

Chiaki immediately kicks the door down and finds that the apartment is dimly lit, which she finds unusual. The smell of blood is present and Chiaki realizes that she's stepping on Incubator remains. The apartment falls silent as our heroine calls out for Mami and she's left with no choice but to explore. Ignoring a huddled shape near the kitchen, she moves towards Mami's room on the second floor from where the sounds of screaming and struggling can be heard. Just when Chiaki's about to open the door to Mami's room, she senses someone trying to sneak up on her and she retaliates by slamming her shield into her attacker and pinning them to the floor: Sayaka. After a small argument, Chiaki tells Sayaka to fuck off and barges into Mami's room to find the blonde fighting against a freshly-turned witch.

The Witch's attention immediately snaps to Chiaki and calls her by a strange name: Homura.

Chiaki's Shield stops clicking and snaps intself into position, engaging her time stop ability. Inside the gray-cast world, she finds that she can see the Witch as a Magical Girl instead of the monster she saw previously. It's a blonde girl with her hair in twin tails, armed with pistols. Seeing the Witch's Mark carved into the girl's forehead, Chiaki realizes that the attack was planned and proceeds to execute the Witch. Time resumes immediately afterwards and a group of Kyubeys arrives, irritably asking what took her so long. Chiaki ignores the Incubator, picking up the Grief Seed instead. Kyubey sounds irritated at Chiaki's attitude, but Mami rallies to her defense.

Chiaki agrees to help Mami clean up her apartment in exchange for breakfast. She shoots one of the Kyubey's to blow off some steam, surprising everyone in the room.


  • Chiaki's Soul Gem and Shield are on her right hand and arm, the opposite of Homura. [1]
  • Chiaki thinks Iron Man is much more awesome than Captain America, despite not finding the alcoholism very attractive. [2]
  • Chiaki has five contacts on her cellphone: [Kaname Madoka] [Sakura Kyoko] [Tomoe Mami] [QB] and [???] [3]
  • Chiaki has apparently been receiving all the tough missions, causing Mami to worry. [4]
  • The Shield has a tendency to provide strangely shaped guns that have prayer strips attached everywhere. [5]
  • Chiaki has a bad track record at keeping VIPs alive. [6]

Associated Illustrations[edit]