Oriko Mikuni

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Oriko Mikuni
Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 11
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

  • A japanese girl with platinum blonde to silver hair and clear green eyes.
  • She has a smooth voice.


  • Oriko is a gentle, polite girl.
  • She has a dignified, regal air surrounding her.

Character History[edit]

Oriko was considered a potential contract around the same time Yuma Chitose formed hers, but was left alone after the younger girl was recruited.


After learning of her friend Kirika's death at the hands of Chiaki Matsuda, Oriko is comforted by Mami Tomoe in the Officio building. Seeing her friend's murderer approach, she slaps her several times, wailing at how she took her only friend away before sobbing into the front of her costume. While Chiaki shows no reaction whatsoever, Mami gently pulls her away and leads the sobbing girl to her desk, handing her a glass of water to calm down.


In a flashback taking place on Christmas one year prior to the story's starting point, Oriko meets Kyoko while shopping in Mitakihara Central Mall with Kirika. She offers to help the red haired girl find a suitable set of underwear to give her girlfriend as a present since she has a similar figure.

Oriko chooses a tasteful design that would suit Sayaka, tries it on for size and receives the set she wore as thanks for her assistance.


  • Oriko is based on herself from Puella Magi Oriko Magica.