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"Like the other writeup authors, Attarou puts a very great deal of emphasis on characterization. What makes him unique is his focus on character -development-; other writeup authors certainly ensure that their characters develop over time, but how Attarou's characters change over time is the main feature of his stories." "...Finally, I think Attarou's just a guy who likes to have fun, and wants you to have fun, too. His cast is one of the most colorful you'll see in any writeup, and in the end, his is a tale of bombastic characters having bombastic adventures." TwiceBorn

It's Attarou!

Writes about the Sixth.

Posts with Sakutarou pictures.

Non-Canon Series[edit]

Magical Scribe Eleanor Slam

Non-Canon One-Shots[edit]


Extra-Non-Canon One-Shots[edit]

Half Meguca: Full Noir Consequences