Panna Vászon

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Furthermore, nothing about the Twelfth Officio is canon so far, at all.

"Love, my dear, is like a poison. It's too destructive and messy, too much of a double edged sword, to be the right answer."

Panna Casual1.jpeg
Also Known As... Gypsy Queen, that old hag
First Appearance Riddle of Witch Flesh, part 2
Organization Twelfth Officio
Rank Venenum, Apothecary, Warmaster's Aide
Occupation Magical Girl, Ex-cult leader
Ability Floral magic, Alchemy
Weapon A rosy cat-o'-nine-tails
Height 184cm
Date of Birth At least forty years old in the Riddle, possibly the oldest living magical girl in her time.

Character Summary[edit]

Panna used to be the Twelfth Officio's effective ruler, aside from the Incubator, and is responsible for the way Twelfth does most of it's bussiness. While she is technically outranked by most other responsible people in the Officio, Juunibey orders them to obey her without question.

Panna's ability to produce the Love Potion makes the Officio work the way it does even after her departure. The Love Potion is a tincture which can be extracted from the Black Rose, a magical flower Panna creates. It's a drug which affects the soul, and soaks it with emotion, potentially increasing the magic aptitude of the affected, but also drastically increasing the speed and degree of corruption. Most of other potions and creams Panna had made used the Love Potion as an ingredient.

While alive, she was also the world's expert on karma mechanics. She had made the great majority of the current karmic stream system that the Twelfth operates on, and can be held fully accountable for tens of thousands of staged witch-outs throughout her life.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Most of the time, Panna looks like an old, tall, and lanky gypsy woman, wrinkled in the face. If she had remade her body recently, she may look young for a while, before it catches up to her real age.
  • She always wears a golden crown, and keeps her gem on it while not transformed.
  • Her costume is the colorful garb of a flamboyant circus acrobat, which came to look odd, with her body so aged.


  • A very severe person, and definitely a psychopath. She is not stupid, however, and throughly understands that she's emotionally blunted and abnormal.
  • She was still able to make the contract, so there must be some feelings to be found in her.
  • She has a poetic side to her, and is drawn like a moth towards things that are special.

Character History[edit]


Panna used to be a leader of a cult of girls that worshipped Witches and would lead its members to ritually witch out. In order to be granted her current position, she had to forsake such practices, but she is still in contact with the cult's remnants.

Riddle of Witch Flesh[edit]

- in progress


Panna is dead as of half a year ago.


  • Panna is strongly inspired by Anthy Himemiya.
  • She is born in Hungary, yet, seems to be a believer in some obscure version of hinduism.
  • She has an unspecified number of children and grandchildren
  • She is not actually a real gypsy queen, and dislikes being called that.
  • While the name is an authentic and common gypsy name, her sharing it even with a famous romani poet, its etymology may be relevant. "Panna" means virgin or maiden in most slavic languages, and "Vászon" is Hungarian for cannabis cloth.