Mirai Wakaba

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Mirai Wakaba
Profile-Mirai Wakaba.png
Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 40
Organization Tenth Officio
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Summoning and controlling bears
Weapon Massive Sword, Bears
Date of Birth

Character Summary

A member of the Pleiades Saints and friend of Midori Hanegawa.

Physical Description

  • A japanese girl with puffy crimson/pink hair.
  • Her Soul Gem is an almost amber orange.
  • Her voice is described as soft and clear.


  • She doesn't like violence and only uses her sword when she is really angry.

Character History

Unlike the other members of the Pleiades Saints, Mirai spent time with Midori off duty. After the Callidus fails a mission and defects to another Officio, Mirai is sent to retrieve her soul gem.


Mirai appears before Chiaki and Midori, stating her intent to return the Callidus to the Tenth Officio, but Midori refuses and battle ensues. While her bears fight the first two opponents, Mirai is assaulted by Kharn who eventually severs her head and takes her soul gem for interrogation.


Mirai's soul gem is inserted into a machine for interrogation. Distressed at her condition, she is willing to talk to be released, but her Incubator soon takes over and forces her to witch out.

Midori & Magical Midori

Inside the barrier, the still human Mirai encounters Malal and teams up with her to find the fragments of Chiaki's psyche. They encounter the Armored Fragment but have to retreat and meet Midori, who already found two other fragments. They engage the armored fragment again and Midori manages to calm it down, making her join them.

After resting, they make their way to the fourth fragment where a big encounter takes place. While everyone engages different shades of golden weapon users, Midori is killed right away but miraculously manifests again to calm the fragment that killed the fourth down again and reunites all four.

Mirai gives her soul gem to Malal and asks her to use it to save her friend. The Culexus accepts and soon after Midori appears again. While the barrier collapses around them, they say farewell and Midori promises not to forget her friend.


  • The character is a direct port from Puella Magi Kazumi Magica.