Lance Kilgore

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"'re something special, aren't you? You've been touched by her, too. I can smell her on you - taste her on you, in fact."

Lance Kilgore
Also Known As... Bloody Baron
First Appearance Thread 16
Organization Kilgore Enterprises
Rank CEO
Occupation Playboy
Ability Charm, Power, Speed
Weapon Golden Gauntlets
Height 205cm
Date of Birth Unknown, Age 37

Character Summary[edit]

A huge muscular playboy with an unpleasant personality. Lance Kilgore collects money and idols en masse, gathering influence and power. He married at least 30 young women, acquiring their fortune and using them as cult like followers. According to rumors, he killed over twenty men with his golden bangles, taking their fiancees into his "family". It is said he is a monster both on the battlefield and in the bedchamber.

He is also the owner of the golden gauntlets which he took from one of his concubines until Chiaki Matsuda defeats him.

Physical Descirption[edit]

  • Kilgore is dark skinned, has a large and heavy body and is extremely muscular.
  • He has dead, black eyes.
  • He wears extremely gaudy clothes and jewelery designed to show off his body, complete with a velvet pimp hat.
  • Diamonds are drilled into his teeth, spelling SWAG.


  • Lance is highly confident and considers himself irresistable.
  • He is also lewd.
  • And insane.

Character History[edit]

Lance Kilgore hails from Detroid, carrying a criminal record of B&E, Robbery and Homicide. He came to Japan trying to box professionally in the amateur divisions, but suffered defeat early on. He disappeared for awhile, before coming back two weeks later and literally punching someone's head off in a sparring match. He was seen wearing strange bangles on his arm when he reappeared.

A month later, the gym owner's daughter married him, placing all her assets in his name. A week after that, a popular voice actress did the same. Ad nauseam. He amassed such a fortune that he started his own company, which deals primarily in escort services. He is said to be slow but powerful enough to punch through concrete walls, using dirty tactics and having the devils luck.

Maid to Kill[edit]

Kilgore attends the 765 Productions album release gala with his harem where he and his girls start murdering the guests as a blood sacrifice. Chiaki Matsuda easily kills his hired guards and concubines and Kyoko Sakura ties him up.

He then explodes and is transformed into a daemonic beast by absorbing the blood and bodies around him and rampages through the mansion. Chiaki summons Tiny Pete who engages Kilgore and keeps the abomination occupied long enough for her to kill him.


  • The character design is based on Blacker Baron from Anarchy Reigns.