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This article is a stub, due to the character not properly appearing in the story.

The Seventh Incubator. Not much is known about them, save for what can be inferred from their brief appearance in a canon write-up, and the kind of Officio they run.

Kelzang is overbearingly kindly and benevolent to the point that every Magical Girl must suspect mischief. Though he is clearly buddha-like, it's unlikely that anyone could be forged into a great warrior with just kindness, and he essentially also presents many trials for his contractees - but they are more spiritual, and less immediately deadly. He considers it a noble goal to create the 'perfect' magical girl, and likens himself to the gardener of the flowers that are his Magical Girls.

He wears a crimson scarf.


  • Canonically, he only appears in Prose Magica Part 17
  • Some incubators believe that Kelzang is insane, though the severity of this statement is not clear, compared to the likes of the Ninth.
  • Fubey considers him the most thoughtful and perhaps eccentric of the Incubators.
  • Kyubey considered it possible that he could rise up against the First at some point in the future.