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Also known as Incubatus Nobilis.

A race that made it it's mission to save the universe by staving off the heat death. They would create an energy surplus by means of creating Magical Girls, and harvesting Witches. At least until things got complicated.

Incubators are noted for their lack of emotion, and often personality as well. An Incubator that feels emotion is considered mentally ill. Known Incubators all seem to talk of themselves as male, though it may be just social convenience.

Since majority of the Incubators that work on Earth are relatively distinct, going as far as wearing additional accessories, opting to use a nonstandard name, or speaking and acting in a certain way, it could be suspected that the place may be getting to them a bit. They themselves find this trend worrying.

Twenty Incubators made landfall on modern day Earth, though some may be missing since then, or have withdrawn themselves to a degree. Each of them would have an Officio Assassinorum of their own, and some still have a corresponding name (Kyubey means "ninth", Jyubey means 'tenth' and so on). Originally, they would all use such a designation-like name, but most have adopted a less outlandish one to ease the cooperation with humans. First is both the leader of their operations on Earth that the others are meant to answer to, and Earth's original operative. The circumstances under which Earth had received nineteen more are unclear: It may have been because of humanity's recent population boom, because of Faust, something else, or more of the above. The First Incubator now resides on the moon.

To humans, it's unknown how Incubator civilization or society actually works, save for what can be observed:

- Incubator body has the physiology of a small animal, close to a rabbit or a cat. Aside from four pawed legs and a tail, they also have an additional pair of appendages on their heads.
- Each incubator has numerous spare bodies, though it's a mystery where those are being stored when not in use. They can either use one at a time, or inhabit multiple at once. If their bodies are killed, they return in a new one. From human point of view, an Incubator is practically immortal.
- The body is made of an unknown, possibly artificial substance. Incubators are known for consuming their dead bodies.
- Kyubey mentions that two of his brothers have burned and been lost during the initial orbital drop, suggesting that the Incubator is stored on Earth in his entirety.
- Fubey claims that Incubators do not choose their particular form, and that nature does. Sure enough, there seem to be differences between Incubator bodies, from weight, through color of their fur, to the placement of their appendages.

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