Fran Madaraki

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"As Miss Malal had so succinctly put it, Ma'am Emma Strauss, you are fired. I am the Warmaster now, and therefore Captain of the Rafflesia."

Fran Madaraki
Also Known As... Professor Madaraki The Second
First Appearance Thread 150
Organization Thirteenth Officio
Rank Venenum, Chief Director (Warmaster)
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Science
Date of Birth

Character Summary

Physical Description

  • A half japanese, german looking girl with blonde hair.
  • Fran's skin is extremely pale and covered in stitches.
  • She has two huge, bolt like objects sticking out of the sides of her head.
  • She smells of antiseptics.


  • Fran usually shows a joyful and bright personality, talking in a sing song voice.
  • She takes work ethics very serious.
  • She dislikes violence.

Character History

Malal Flashback

Professor Madaraki is contacted by Xiaomei Baocun from the Seventh Officio to arrange a meeting with Malal. She meets the Culexus and exchanges blood samples for the location of the abducted Ekaterina Valnikov. Fran explains what her Warmaster did to the girl and tells her to seek aid from Souji once she reaches the captive.

While Malal rescues Ekaterina, Fran returns to the Thirteenth Officio's flagship and leads the ousting of Warmaster Emma Strauss for her despicable experiments. She is subsequently elected as the new Warmaster and changes the title to Chief Director. She decides to let Strauss live and offers to take Malal and Ekaterina back to japan on the flagship while treating the previous Warmaster's victim.


  • The Professor is based on Madaraki Fran from the manga Franken Fran.
  • She has a quirk where she elongates random syllables.

NECO Profile

NAME: Madaraki Fran
	"You don’t LOOK injured...So are you here about an elective procedure?”
OFFICIO: Thirteenth, at an undisclosed location on the high seas
RANK: Venenum, Director of Experimentation
BIO: A masterful surgeon under the brilliant Emma Strauss and one of the driving and defining forces in the Thirteenth. She’s kind of an oddity among magical girls in that the entire Venenum thing is more of a side-job for her, when compared to her medical and cosmetic surgical practices. Supposedly, she’s the student of an amazing scientist, and there are certain rumors that she’s an artificial magical girl he pulled together from the finest spare parts…
ABILITY: SCIENCE. Possibly extra arms.
WEAPONRY: Strongly prefers not to, but is unsettlingly handy with a scalpel. She’s probably more likely to try and ‘cure’ you than try and hurt you, though…
	MELEE 		 B+
	CHARM		 A?*
Pretty much all of this is noncombat data…Maybe I should have just used a civilian scale.

-A lot of Venenum are healers, but most of them aren’t doctors, I guess? Madaraki prides herself in her understanding of the anatomy and believes strongly in the Hippocratic Oath. It’s a little hard to believe, hearing some of the things she does, though…

-The Director is a pet person! Or maybe an experiment person…? At very least, she keeps a massive trilobite named Xerxes around, and it’s probably not the only pet she has. I'm not even sure it's the most exotic pet she has...

-It seems like her body is pretty adaptable, in a take-stuff-off-and-sew-other-stuff-on way that makes me kinda queasy to think about. I wonder if that’s what she wished for?

*I don’t know, she’s really nice but sooo creeepyyyyy