Oktavia von Seckendorff

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"The Mermaid Witch. Once dreamt of love. The Law of the Cycles split off some of its souls and sent them to the Earth. One of them took the form of dessert. Another took on the form of a mermaid. And the Law of Cycles itself descended upon the surface, more reverently than the morning dew. Her form was like that of a magical girl who once was."

Oktavia von Seckendorff
Also Known As... the First Knight?
First Appearance Thread 177
Type Mermaid Witch
Nature Falling in Love
Familiar Holger, Klarissa
Rank Alpha
Weapon Sword
Date of Birth ????


Oktavia is a member of the Holy Quintet, five Witches that preceeded the last Walpurgisnacht. For whatever reason, this Witch seems to bear the same name as Oktavia whom the Church calls the First Knight. In the Shieldmaiden Heresy, she fought against the Shieldmaiden and defeated her, before losing life herself - so it is recorded within the Book of Blessed Lady.


  • Oktavia is now reduced to a Witch Core, sitting comfortably in a fancy box.
  • In her complete form, she had a fish tail for lower body, and a puppet-like upper body. She wears a cloak with a fancy plaid collar, armor and an odd triple-visored helmet.
  • She has two puppet-like arms, at least one of them wielding a single-edged sword, using it partially as a dirigent's baton.
  • Her Barrier is a concert hall.
  • She has several types of Familiars, usually either members of the orchestra she is directing, or dancers who enjoy its music. Her Witch magic had consisted of summoning massive wooden cartwheels.


Smash and Grab[edit]

Oktavia's Witch Core is the main objective of the Big Shell mission, in threads 174-185.

It is sealed within a fancy gilded box, and recovered by Sayaka Miki. When she approaches the box, she hears enchanting music, and resists its charm only with great effort. It is not clear what would happen if she gave in.

After defeating the giant robotic sentinel that was woken up by the box being taken, she later passes the box to Chiaki Matsuda, who hands it to Kyubey after being filed in on its contents. From then on, Oktavia's Witch Core is in the Ninth's possession.

Akashic Realm[edit]

Near the end of the Prophet mission, Sayaka comes dangerously close to Witching out, and enters deep trance to avoid it. This seems to change her personality, leading her to attack Chiaki, believing her to be The Transcendent One.

Braids explains that Sayaka is "recalling her memories the First Knight, the Knight who swore to always stand at the Blessed Lady's side, and protect her from the darkness of the world - and the first to realize the Shieldmaiden's treachery".

She is brought back to her senses by Tiny Pete's speakers. During the mission, it is mentioned that Sayaka had several episodes like that in the past already.


  • Although Oktavia herself appears only in the Big Shell mission and is mentioned in Yuma's flashback, Oktavia the First Knight is mentioned earlier in writeups, as well as passingly in Malal's flashback (thread 149).