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Officio Summary[edit]

The Fourth Officio Assassinorum is (in)famous throughout the Magical Girl world for two things; its extremely advanced technology, and its insular nature.

Officio Technology[edit]


More than perhaps any other piece of technology, the 4th is most well known for their synthetic bodies, i.e. Ironforms. An Ironform is completely artificial--the only part of the Magical Girl's original body that remains is her Soul Gem.

Tactical Dreadnought Armor[edit]

The Tactical Dreadnought Armor is an advanced armor system initially designed by the Fourth Officio. It boasts heavy defenses, immense firepower, and unbreakable strength into a roughly man-sized package.

The missing Indomitus prototype, dubbed "Tiny Pete", was originally from the 4th Officio.


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Non-Canon Information[edit]

From The Iron Circle, By TwiceBorn

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